OPN Connect Newsletter 54 · March 8, 2018

OPN Weekly Top 5: Organic News You Need to Know


Rodale Insitute Adds New Regenerative Organic Certification

 proud to announce the new Regenerative Organic Certification, a cooperative effort among a coalition of farmers, ranchers, nonprofits, scientists, and brands, led by Rodale Institute, to establish a new, high-bar standard for regenerative organic agriculture. The goals of Regenerative Organic Certification are to increase soil organic matter over time, improve animal welfare, provide economic stability and fairness for farmers, ranchers, and workers, and create resilient regional ecosystems and communities.

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Organic Producers Sense Doom if Fake Imports Allowed

Stemilt September 2021

Fake organic grain imports are becoming an increasingly heavy weight that could sink some U.S. organic farmers. American organic appetites have grown faster than NOP enforcement, and as the counterfeits move in, the price collapses so that U.S. producers can't afford to expand.

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New Research Shows Organic Can Help Nitrogen Pollution

Important new research from the University of Virginia in collaboration with The Organic Center shows that organic farming can help reduce nitrogen pollution on a global scale. The new study proves soils on organic farms store away appreciably larger amounts of carbons – and for longer periods — than typical agricultural soils. 

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IFOAM Now Has Over 1000 Affiliates 

Organics Unlimited September 2021

 Since IFOAM – Organics International was founded 1972, our members have  come together to develop and shape the organic sector. Now we can proudly announce that we have over 1000 members, coming from 130 countries – a truly dynamic, global movement. 


Assembly Member Caballero receives the CA Special Districts Association Legislator of the Year

The Californian Special Districts Association, representing local agencies that deliver water, fire protection, health care, and other essential services throughout the state, will be presenting Assembly Member Anna M. Caballero with its 2017 Legistlator of the Year Award. 

For more information and to RSVP please contact Chris Palmer, CSDA Public Affairs Field Coordinator at or 714-743-7404.

Red Sun Farms September 2021


“We don’t have a replacement for Francis Thicke’s’ producer seat so the board only has 14 people. The Secretary of Ag hasn’t appointed anyone for that seat so I am concerned. We have work to be done and all 15 seats are important. I feel that stakeholders are getting short changed.”

Harriet Behar
Vice President, NOSB

Starr Ranch September 2021

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