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Q1 2022 Organic Produce Performance


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Q3 2021 Organic Produce Performance


Q2 2021 Organic Produce Performance


Q1 2021 Organic Produce Performance


State of Organic 2020


Q3 2020 Organic Produce Performance


Q2 2020 Organic Produce Performance


Q1 2020 Organic Produce Performance


2019 Organic Retail Analysis


Organic vs. Non-GMO Labels


We believe in the power of organic fresh produce to provide delicious fresh food, protect the planet, and provide exciting economic opportunity. Organic fresh produce is the engine of the dynamic organic category. It’s where most consumers first enter the organic category and is typically a gateway to expanded consumption of organic foods. It is a major attraction and revenue generator at retail, the largest segment of the organic category, and continues to demonstrate robust growth. Eighty five percent of consumers purchase organic at least occasionally – a statistic that was unthinkable 10 years ago.

What's the Difference between Organic and Conventional?

Dig into what makes organic fresh produce differs from its conventionally grown counterparts.

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Organic Certification Requirements and the USDA Organic Standards

A simple, straightforward guide to the complex world of organic standards and certification for organic fresh produce growers and shippers.

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Do Organic and Natural Mean the Same Thing?

Organic fresh produce is certified to a rigorous federal standard but the "natural" label has no meaningful standards and no verification.

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Other Considerations in Organic Fresh Produce

Personal health, environmental sustainability, worker welfare…organic fresh produce addresses many of the concerns around food production today.

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