OPN Connect Newsletter 344 · November 2, 2023

Organic Market Update

Week 44, 2023


Fall Fruit

Organic Pomegranates are in peak season from California and prices are expected to ease in early November, with heavy volume on 30-36 ct sizes. Organic Pomegranate Arils are also readily available for the fall and winter. Organic Fuyu Persimmons continue in peak season from California and Organic Hachiya Persimmons are also in abundant supply. Fresh Organic Cranberries are readily available and promotable for November. The California Organic Fig season will wind down through November and transition to Mexican production sometime in November.

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 Now is the time to offer promotions on Organic Apples and stock shelves with the best quality, freshness, and variety. Organic Opal Apples are in peak season through February! Organic Golden Delicious Apples are readily available with good supplies through the holidays. Large 48/56ct Organic Sweetango Apples are promotable, offering significant savings over the 80/88ct pack, with great quality on larger fruit.


Vitalis April 2024


Greens & Lettuce

With local production wrapping up in the mid-Atlantic and Northeast, Organic Greens and Kales are now being sourced from California. Availability and quality are excellent. Florida will start producing in the middle of November. While most production in the Northeast slows slowing because of the colder weather, production of Organic Leaf Lettuce remains available. Procurement will shift exclusively to California in early November, before moving back East as Florida production starts to ramp up in mid to late-November.


Organic Green Pepper production is beginning to increase. While some North Carolina production remains, California, Georgia, and Florida are all beginning their fall Organic Pepper season. Expect improved prices and strong quality in November. 11lb bulk Organic Colored Pepper pricing is steady with product out of Mexico. Looking into November, product will start to arrive from Israel.


Organic Lemon production is getting started in California, with sizing peaking more towards smaller fruit. Solid import fruit is available in large Organic Lemons through October at below market prices. Organic Valencia Oranges are finished as quality went south quickly. Mexico may have Organic Valencia Oranges to cover the short gap. Organic Navel Oranges from California are expected to start in mid-November.



Homegrown Organic Farms April 2024



Florida Organic Cherry Tomato and Grape Tomatoes will be arriving with minimal volume followed by Organic Rainbow Cherry Tomatoes. Organic Cherry Tomatoes from Canada are now available and Organic Roma Tomatoes are coming out of Mexico with great quality and availability to start November.

Creekside Organics April 2024
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