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What OPN Does
What OPN Does

About Organic Produce Network

Responding to double-digit growth in the fastest growing retail food category, the Organic Produce Network (OPN) was founded in January, 2017, to connect facets of the organic produce community through education, information and live events.

Prior to the launch of OPN, the multi-billion dollar organic fresh produce category was lacking a unifying voice, dedicated solely to its needs. With more than one third of organic food sales coming from organic fresh produce, OPN co-founders and organic produce veterans Matt Seeley and Tonya Antle saw the need to unify and elevate the sector's voice.

"There is a clear gap in industry-focused resources that inform, educate and even inspire all constituents about the value and also the values of organic," said co-founder and executive vice president, Tonya Antle. "Organic produce is such a robustly growing category because it sits squarely in the sweet spot for evolving consumer value drivers: health and wellness, safety, social impact, experience, and transparency."

"The organic fresh produce community is energized about the opportunity to help change the way we eat and with that, change our health outlook," says co-founder and CEO, Matt Seeley. "We believe that OPN can become the modern high-tech, and high-touch, source of new information, ideas, and inspiration for continued organic produce growth."

What OPN Does

Our mission is to inform, educate, and connect through a strong digital presence with an emphasis on original content, complemented by engaging live events which bring together various components of the organic growing community.



OPN brings the organic produce industry together to learn and grow.

Live Events: Among the most popular get-togethers in the produce industry, our live events are concise, intimate, and packed with useful content and abundant opportunities to grow your business. 

Webinars and Podcasts

Workshops and Programs at Other Industry Events on Organic Fresh Produce

Digital resources that provide critical and timely information such as industry news, regulatory updates, category statistics, and historical benchmarks. Our digital channels let you get our information in your preferred channel:


Our rich website, regularly updated with the latest content - the hub of our digital ecosystem




Our free weekly e-newsletter, which features thought-provoking commentary and analysis, as well as fun features, from leaders and influencers in the world of organic fresh produce, food overall, and wellness.


OPN is THE trusted resource on organic produce

  • Reinforcing the message that organic fresh produce is a safe, healthy and nutritious option for the conscious consumer

  • Organic fresh produce production is responding to consumer demand and offering consumers a choice to what type of fresh produce they can purchase

  • Providing facts, definitions and statistics to the media and for you to share with your customers about organic produce starting with a definition and how organic differs from conventional produce

  • OPN Connect gives you all the latest news and updates on all things organic produce every week


OPN is YOUR resource for organic fresh produce marketing tools and information

  • Up-to-date statistics and other information on organic produce you can use for your marketing and sales

  • Information and resources to help inform and train your employees on organic produce

  • OPN presence at industry and other events to help you share the positive messages about organic produce