OPN Connect Newsletter 207 · March 4, 2021

Organic Market Update

As we enter March, look for outstanding leafy greens from Florida, premium-quality citrus out of California, and plentiful supplies of zucchini from Mexico.


Starr Ranch May 2021

March is a great month to promote CA citrus, especially Organic LemonsMandarins, Cara Cara Oranges, and Navel OrangesOrganic Lime prices are through the roof with lighter color and sporadic supplies out of Mexico.


Florida-grown Organic GrapeGold GrapeCherryOrange Cherry, and Rainbow Cherry Tomatoes will be promotable the beginning this month, on excellent quality. Organic Cluster Tomatoes will be promotable this week out of Mexico, with overall rated as excellent. Canadian production is still limited but will start to improve for both Cluster and Beefsteak tomatoes as the spring new crop harvest starts the middle of this month.

Country Sweet Produce May 2021


Florida-grown Organic Green and Red Kale supplies are booming with great quality and outstanding yield. Organic Lacinato supplies will remain steady with additional volume coming out of CA in early March.

Specialty Greens

Global Organics Group May 2021

Add Organic Specialty Greens like Organic MizunaGreen Mustard, and Red Mustard to top off a perfect greens section while product remains in peak supply and quality.


Peru continues to produce good quality Organic Kent Mangos. Mexico has started to ramp up volume on Tommy Atkins fruit. With two regions to source from pricing remains affordable. Organic Ataulfo Honey Mangos will see a slight dip in supplies the beginning of this month after an initial burst of fruit to officially begin the Mexican mango season. This decrease should turn around by the middle of March.

Chelan Fresh May 2021


Organic Fuji Apple bags and loose Organic Pink Lady and Pinata Apple supplies are getting slightly backed up in Washington, with promotional opportunities on the horizon.

NatureSafe May 2021

Green and Yellow Squash

Organic Zucchini from Mexico remains plentiful for the first week of March. Georgia is projected to begin harvests around March 15th. Organic Yellow Squash has continued to show strong supplies, but pricing is elevated compared to Zucchini. Expect less than ideal quality with some scarring for much of the month.


Organic Asparagus markets remain very promotable this week out of Mexico, with quality rated as outstanding.


Organic Sweet Potatoes from California look outstanding right now in terms of quality. Excellent quality Organic Gold Potatoes are now available out of Manitoba, Canada and expected to last through April. Organic Red and Russet Potatoes will continue out of Colorado and Idaho with steady price and availability.

Vitalis May 2021
Pacon May 2021

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