· October 12, 2017

USDA adds to roster of organic farming resources

by Sustainable Food News 

October 10, 2017

The USDA’s Natural Resources Conversation Service (NRCS) has updated resources - guides, videos, fact sheets, webinars, booklets - for organic farmers and farmers interested in transitioning to organic.

Starr Ranch May 2021


The agency's newest booklet, Growing Organic: NRCS Assistance for Organic Farmers, provides information for farmers who are interested in implementing practices that support soil health, weed management, habitat and biodiversity, irrigation and water management, pasture management, and high tunnels.


An updated guide for using RUSEL2, the Revised University Soil Loss Equation tool, was also recently added to its roster of resources.

Country Sweet Produce May 2021


Chelan Fresh May 2021
Starr Ranch May 2021
Global Organics Group May 2021
NatureSafe May 2021
Vitalis May 2021
Pacon May 2021

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