OPN Connect Newsletter 289 · October 6, 2022

Top 5 Organic News to Help You Grow

1. US Organic Growers Can’t Keep Up with Demand

The demand for organic food is increasing so fast that US growers can’t keep up with the demand. This increased demand coupled with the fact that the number of organic farmers in America is dropping has prompted the US Department of Agriculture to promise up to $300 million to recruit farmers to make the switch.  Read More

2. Carleton College's Student Organic Farm

OPS 2023 Retailer Registration

At 1.5 acres, the Student Organic Farm has long played a small but plucky part of Carleton’s sustainability goal of becoming carbon-free by 2050. Providing thousands of pounds of fresh produce each year directly to the college’s dining halls, the farm cuts down on carbon emissions from transporting food to campus.  Read More

3. Organic Carrot Production in Minnesota Expanding

Carrot production in Minnesota is growing—particularly organic carrot production. “This is our second year of organics. Last year, we started on a small scale to feel out the market and get a better understanding of the growing process and how it would go for us here,” said Matthew Wulf of Fresha, which is based in Morris, Minnesota. “We’re really happy with how it went.”    Read More


Vitalis February 2023

4. Real-Time In-Transit Visibility Reduces Losses in Produce Shipments

A multi-sensor tracker containing the technology to measure hyper-accurate location, temperature, humidity, shock, and light exposure of shipments—all packed into a small box, the size of a mobile phone. Or a cloud-enabled temperature logger in the form of a paper-thin, flexible label. These are some of the solutions from Tive, a provider of in-transit visibility solutions.  Read More

5. Organics Unlimited Completes Successful GROW Month and Benefits GROW Scholars

September is officially over, meaning Organics Unlimited’s GROW Month has come to a close. Throughout the month, retailers celebrated the GROW program through the sale of Organics Unlimited GROW label organic bananas.  Read More

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