OPN Connect Newsletter 264 · April 14, 2022

Organic Market Update

Week 15, 2022



Organics Unlimited July 2022

Organic Romaine Hearts and Iceberg Lettuce are beginning to improve in availability, cost, and quality after a difficult end to the desert season. As Salinas, CA production is strengthening, and pricing decreasing, expect improved conditions to continue throughout the remainder of the month. Organic Leaf and Romaine Lettuce from Florida is experiencing lighter availability as the end season approaches. Georgia production is on the horizon and will begin in late April. West Coast production in Salinas, CA is improving, and pricing has begun to normalize.


Mexican Organic Formosa Papayas, large size/red-orange flesh, are now available.  Organic Formosa Papayas’ shell tends to be more a green-yellow color, and will not turn completely yellow when ripe, like Royal Star. Organic Royal Star Papayas will be gapping until early May. Organic Pineapples continue to have good volume coming out of Costa Rica. Organic Young Thai Coconuts and Organic Raw Drink & Eat Coconuts will return over the next two weeks. Shipping and port delays have proved troublesome in getting a continuous supply of these items. Organic Mangos continue to be promotable, with Tommy Atkins fruit from Mexico showing good quality, and available in 8, 10, and 12ct sizing. Organic Ataulfo Honey Mangos will be in decent supply, despite transition is making supplies slightly tighter.

Chelan Fresh July 2022


Twenty-eight-pound Organic Asparagus prices are expected to remain steady through Easter with promotional opportunities through April. Quality has been outstanding out of Mexico. Eleven-pound Organic Asparagus has promotional opportunities as well. Expect steady availability and quality through April.

Duncan Family Farms July 2022


Organic Color Potatoes production out of California desert has been delayed due to poor skin set. There will be few old crops Idaho Organic Potatoes available with the hope that the new crop Organic Red and Gold Potatoes from CA will be ready to ship shortly. Organic Russet Potatoes out of Idaho are winding down and will move to Colorado with projections for production to go deep into May and prevent gap in supplies.


Cal-Organic July 2022

Organic Red and Green Grapes continue to be very sporadic out of Peru and South Africa. Production is expected to wrap up for the season by the end of April, and gap until Mexico and California start toward the end of May.


Organic Green Bell Peppers continue to remain limited in availability. Pricing spiked in early April, with limited to no production across all growing regions. Some choice Green Bell Peppers are available from Mexico, but supplies are weak as the season draws to a close. Organic Color Bell Peppers remain limited as transitional growing periods abound. With Israeli and Mexican growing regions finishing later this month, Canadian and Holland Organic Color Bell Pepper seasons are beginning. Price increases and more limited availability should be expected through the remainder of the month; however, quality should not suffer.

NatureSafe July 2022


New crop Georgia grown Organic Sweet Onions are available, with Organic Vidalia Sweet Onions starting this week. Organic White Onions will have a brief gap as production transitions to the new growing regions in Mexico. Organic Red and Yellow Onions have transitioned to new crop Texas. This fresh product is excellent, with Organic Red Onions a very limited in volume to start. The situation will improve when the desert crop starts in California later this month.

Misionero July 2022

Broccoli & Cauliflower

Organic Broccoli from the Salinas, CA show strong supplies after a smooth transition, and quality has been excellent. Organic Broccoli Rabe will remain promotable during the Easter season. Organic Sweet Baby Broccoli will see pricing improvement this week. Salinas has also started Organic Cauliflower production. The transition from SoCal/Yuma, AZ has not been as smooth as broccoli with elevated pricing and subpar quality, but conditions are improving, with both quality and pricing expected to become more favorable as the month continues.


Global Organics Group

Organic Strawberry supplies are starting to improve, with more promotable supplies expected after Easter. CA production has improved after rain the first week of April prevented harvests for a few days. Supplies are getting stronger daily as weather has been very favorable. Organic Blackberry supplies are expected to be much steadier as Overall volume out of Mexico was down, which has put stress on the market the past few weeks. New harvests are starting to help ease the supply situation and quality has been excellent. Organic Blueberries remain steady overall despite Peruvian volume decreasing. Mexico/US production continues to be steady with excellent quality. Organic Raspberry prices remain high, as overall volume has been limited and demand is extremely strong.

4Earth Farms July 2022
Giddings Fruit July 2022
Stout Ag Tech July 2022
OPS 2022

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