OPN Connect Newsletter 315 · April 13, 2023

“Demand Exceeds Supply” Defines Organic Veg Deal

The rain and flooding in the coastal valleys of California this winter have caused severe availability issues on many crops, with “demand exceeds supply” being a constant refrain during this year's transition from winter to spring production.

“The 2023 Salinas season has slowly commenced over the past few weeks, and as of Monday the 10th, we are loading the majority of our customers here in the Salinas Valley,” said Braga Fresh Family Farms Director of Sales Casey Mills.

Casey Mills, Director of Sales, Braga Fresh Family Farms

Not surprisingly, Mills cited the “abnormally cold and rainy winter we experienced here on the Central Coast” as the reason for the lack of volume.

“The main theme playing out through this year’s spring transition is that crops in the Salinas Valley have been, on average, 3-4 weeks behind their anticipated harvest schedule. In addition, first plantings are showing below-average yields due to adverse growing conditions,” he said.