OPN Connect Newsletter 314 · April 6, 2023

Organic Market Update

Week 14, 2023


Asparagus, Beans, & Brussels

Organic Asparagus will be promotable through Easter and the remainder of April. Quality is outstanding, and availability is steady. After Easter, pricing may inch up a bit as the Cabora, Mexico region finishes. Organic Green Beans from Mexico have experienced a boost in supply volume as quality has been outstanding and pricing is promotable. Organic Brussels Sprouts remain promotable with excellent supply and affordable pricing.


Lettuces & Salads

East Coast Organic Lettuce production is limited as production transitions out of Florida and into Georgia. Product is available in both areas, but supplies are limited. California Organic Lettuce production is also in transition to the spring/summer growing regions. California supplies are expected to struggle during April due to the rain events and field flooding that have occurred. Organic Romaine Hearts and Iceberg Lettuce from California are approaching a difficult period as transition is underway. Expect limited supply and subpar quality throughout April. Organic Salad producers are canceling or discouraging activity during April since they have concerns over ability to fill orders in the Salinas Valley area flooding.


Vitalis December 2023



Organic Mandarins continue in good supply, with  “Tango,” “Murcott,” and “Golden Nugget” varieties available from California. Organic Cara and Navel Oranges are nearing the end of the season, with supplies fluctuating and prices higher as growers finish between now and May. Organic Lemons should be in better supply in the coming weeks as the weather clears. Organic Pummelos, Minneola Tangelos, and Blood Oranges will finish for the season during April. Organic Grapefruit is a little lighter in supply due to the rain. Organic Limes from Mexico have become very expensive due to light volumes being harvested and exported.


Organic Celery from the desert growing regions in the Imperial Valley of California continue to harvest, but will wind down in early April. As the transition begins, supply volume will quickly tighten as production in the northern growing regions has been impacted by rain.


Organic Mini Seedless Watermelon spring harvests should start coming into steady volume by mid-April. Organic Seedless Watermelons are still about 3-4 weeks away from beginning harvests out of Mexico in late-April.



Chelan Fresh December 2023


Broccoli & Cauliflower

Organic Broccoli volume and prices remain steady as suppliers conclude the desert growing seasons in the Imperial Valley of California. Production will quickly begin to decrease as suppliers shift growing operations north where weather events during the planting and growth stages will surely affect quality and availability. Difficult market conditions should be expected throughout the entire month of May due to the rain experienced in Northern growing regions. Organic Cauliflower from California will face many of the same difficult challenges that Organic Broccoli is fighting during April. Expectations should be tapered as production will remain limited throughout April and drive increases in costs.

Warm Veg

Organic Eggplant and Zucchini from Punta Gorda, Florida are experiencing a flush of production with improved promotable pricing and top-notch quality. Organic Cucumbers and Yellow Squash from Mexico continue to yield steady supply volumes for early April. Organic Yellow Squash experienced limitations in supply during March. However, as April approaches supply volume is expected to improve slightly.


Weather, including March flooding in California and rain in Baja, Mexico, is hampering Organic Berry production overall as demand begins to increase for the spring. Organic Strawberries will be very limited after rain in Baja slowed down all harvests. The quality has been good but with the added demand from the Easter week, expect limits and pro-rates. Organic Raspberry volumes will be very short as rains in Baja have slowed down production. Central Mexico fruit is also slowing down quickly. Organic Blueberry prices will remain expensive for early April as domestic harvests have not yet begun. California fields have been short due to rain. Florida/Georgia crops are expected to start in mid-April. Imports have slowed down, causing short markets. Mexico is harvesting very little as well. Expect short supplies and limits heading into the Easter weekend. Organic Blackberry prices remain high with limited availability out of Mexico. Gaps in harvests continue to leave supplies short.

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