OPN Connect Newsletter 312 · March 23, 2023

Organic Market Update

Week 12, 2023


Flooding in CA

Another atmospheric river of rain has pounded much of California throughout March. Flash floods swamped fields in Santa Maria and Salinas growing regions, as the Pajaro and Salinas Rivers overflowed causing destruction to some farms and communities. Washouts took out bridges and roadways in some towns in the Central Valley citrus growing regions. The biggest impacts will be on the Spring Crops of Iceberg Lettuce, Romaine Lettuce, and Strawberries that were set to begin in late March and April. Many of these fields will need to be replanted when deemed safe and equipment can operate again in what are now muddy fields. Commodities that will be affected during April and May from the March California rains and flooding include: Organic Broccoli, Cauliflower, Celery, Leaf Lettuces, Romaine Lettuce, Iceberg Lettuce, and Romaine Hearts.



The new crop of Mexican Organic Mangos is ramping up for the 2023 Spring and Summer season, with Organic Tommy Atkins Mangos the first variety available in March and April. Pricing remains high. A new club pack will be available next month for consumer peak season buys. This mini box will have six 9 size Organic Round Mangos in it. From Mexico this spring are Organic Ataulfo Honey Mangos. Smaller Set sizes have rebounded a bit and should be in good supply for the rest of March to go along with the larger sized 12/4 ct.


Vitalis December 2023



Organic Avocado volume is promotable, with fruit quality and oil content rated as excellent. Some fruit harvested may appear darker in color, while remaining hard to firm. This fruit especially, should have the excellent oil content that makes Mexican Organic Avocados so creamy and taste so good! Equal Exchange Fair Trade Organic Avocados will be in good supply through March.

Squash & Cucumbers

Organic Cucumbers, Yellow Squash, and Zucchini from Mexico remain in steady supply. Late March will mark the start of Florida's spring Organic Zucchini crop. Expect volumes to begin slowly with premium pricing, but quickly improve in both supply and cost heading into April. Organic Euro Cucumbers and Mini Seedless Cucumbers will be promotable through the end of March. Quality is great and a new crop of Canadian products has also started.


Organic Blackberry prices are rising as crops transition. Quality has been nice but supplies will be light until mid-April. Organic Blueberry prices remain tight on supplies coming out of Mexico and Peru. Overall production is very limited resulting in prices being higher and supplies short. Quality has been excellent in both regions. Organic Raspberry prices continue to ease as availability gets better week after week. Quality has been excellent, and promotable supplies should be available in mid-April. Organic Strawberry prices are rising as Florida production finishes. Supplies out of Baja should be steady through Easter and quality has been excellent.



Chelan Fresh December 2023


Brussels & Asparagus

Organic Brussels Sprouts from Mexico continue with promotional opportunities. Excellent volume, strong quality, and aggressive pricing are the perfect combination for promoting as the Easter holiday approaches. Organic Asparagus will be promotable through Easter. Quality is outstanding, and availability will be steady.


Organic Abate Pears have arrived from Argentina, and are expected to be in steady supply. New crop Organic Green and Red Bartlett are also in good supply out of Argentina. Organic Bose out of Washington are winding down for the season and should finish at the end of March, with imports starting in early April. Organic Washington Red Pears are also expected to wrap up for the season by the end of March.


Organic Campari Tomato quality is excellent and pricing steady. Organic Cocktail and Cherry On-the-Vine Tomatoes are also abundant and tasting great. Organic Grape Tomatoes from Florida will be promotable through Easter. Quality has been great with plenty of product available. Organic Heirloom Tomatoes out of Mexico will be steady and promotable through the end of the month. Organic Fair Trade Darklooms are also available. Organic Roma Tomato pricing has started to increase slightly, a sign that rounds and other tomato varieties will follow. Quality is outstanding and availability will be steady.

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