OPN Connect Newsletter 311 · March 16, 2023

Top 5 Organic News to Help You Grow

1. Steve Wright of Soli Organic Discusses Growth

We’ve all heard it before: you snooze, you lose. That is what attendees of Southeast Produce Council’s Southern Exposure are saying following the event that took place earlier this month. I heard from Steve Wright, chief customer officer at Soli Organic, who shared what went down on the trade show floor.   Read More

2. Organic Food Prices Are Surging as Inflation Continues to Bite Shoppers

It's not easy eating green, especially if you're buying organic. That's according to a Lending Tree analysis that found organic foods are seeing the steepest price hikes amid stubbornly high inflation.  Read More

3. FarmWise’s “Titan" Robots Make Farming More Sustainable

There’s a lot riding on farmers’ ability to fight weeds, which can strangle crops and destroy yields. To protect crops, farmers have two options: they can spray herbicides that pollute the environment and harm human health, or they can hire more workers.  Read More


Vitalis December 2023

4. Measure To Improve Earns B Corp Certification

Measure to Improve (MTI), the fresh produce industry’s go-to sustainability expert, is proud to announce they have earned B Corp certification, advancing the firm's commitment toward operating its businesses as a force of good.  Read More

5. Wholesum Debuts Organic Italian Sweet Peppers

Wholesum, Fair Trade Certified growers and shippers of organic farm-fresh vegetables, has introduced new Italian sweet peppers, Dolci Belles. This new offering is part of Wholesum’s strategy to focus on innovative organic greenhouse-grown varieties that bring an upgraded, flavorful experience to the consumer.   Read More

Chelan Fresh December 2023

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