OPN Connect Newsletter 270 · May 26, 2022

Organic Market Update

Week 21, 2022



Global Organics Aug 2022

Organic Grape season has started in Mexico, with Southern California getting ready to begin production. A new crop of Mexican Organic Green and Red Grapes is expected to be available just ahead of Memorial Day. Greens will start with the “Perlette” variety, and “Flames” on the Reds. First arrivals of this fruit have looked excellent and will be followed by what looks like a strong crop out of California.

Stone Fruit

Organic Yellow and White Peaches are now in season and volumes will ramp up in coming weeks from California. Organic White Donut Peaches are available on some of the early varieties for late May. Organic Yellow Nectarines are coming into better supply from California, though pricing is on the high side. Organic Cherries are in season from California and demand has been good. Supplies will be sporadic until Washington gets started later in June. California Organic Apricots are in season, with Washington production starting in June.

Chelan Aug 2022

Brussels Sprouts

Organic Brussels Sprouts production remains consistent from Mexico with promotional pricing and volumes available.

Misionero Aug 2022


Organic Beefsteak and Cluster Tomatoes out of Canada are coming on with stronger volume and better market pricing. Quality has been outstanding, and pricing is expected to ease a bit heading into the beginning of June. We continue to source most of our product from Canada but there is Mexico product available. Organic Cocktail Tomatoes are in better supply, along with Organic “Poppies” and “Brites” Snacking Tomatoes. Organic Grape Tomatoes from Florida are done for the season and will gap until Georgia begins during June.



Cal-Organic Aug 2022


Organic Cantaloupes have arrived from the Imperial Valley, California and in great supply, with Organic Honeydew available from Mexico. There’s great brix (sugars) and appearance on these first of the season dews. Organic Seedless Watermelon bins will be available with steady supplies ahead of the Memorial Day holiday. Quality has been excellent out of Mexico. Organic Mini Seedless Watermelon will be promotable out of Mexico, as growers are coming into a strong flush, and quality has been excellent.



Organic Mango supplies are steady, with promotional and display opportunities available during June on Organic Round and Ataulfo Honey Mangos from Mexico, and Organic Fair-Trade Francique Mangos from Haiti. Organic Formosa Papayas are in great supply and quality has been excellent. Organic Pineapples supplies have tightened, and pricing remains steady.




Organic Raspberries and Blackberries are promotable out of California and Mexico. Quality has been excellent, and supplies remain strong. Organic Blueberries remain steady out of California, Georgia, and Mexico. North Carolina is starting very lightly, and volume is extremely limited. Quality has been nice and steady. New Jersey Organic Blueberries are expected to start the week of June 13th, with crops looking good at this point. Organic Strawberries will be steady out of California, and more reasonable as growers are coming into stronger production with warmer temperatures bringing on the fruit. Quality from the Salinas/Watsonville, CA area has been outstanding from all growers.

Stemilt Aug 2022


Organic Asparagus is expected to remain in steady supply through the end of May. Good supplies of Organic Asparagus are also available from New Jersey, California, and Peru.

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