OPN Connect Newsletter 208 · March 11, 2021

Organic Market Update

Steady supplies of organic green beans and cucumbers out of Mexico, outstanding quality citrus from California, and peaking supplies of cabbage from Florida highlight this week’s organic offerings.


Stemilt October 2021

Organic Strawberry supplies have begun to improve and prices are finally decreasing allowing for more promotional opportunities. Will want to keep an eye on cool temps and rain in Santa Maria.

Brussels Sprouts

Excellent quality Organic Brussels Sprouts remain promotable, with affordable pricing and strong volumes during the second week of March. Try adding in-store packaged Organic Brussels Sprouts to display as a convenient grab & go option. Organic Purple Brussels Sprouts are also available at a sharp price to add a pop of color to displays.

Wish Farms October 2021


Organic Green Cabbage from Florida is ramping up just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. Look for excellent quality and promotable prices as a perfect recipe for large displays to push volume during the holiday.


Starr October 2021

California has a nice variety of Organic Bunched Carrots available for the wet vegetable display, including the standard Orange and the popular Rainbow. Also in season are Organic Bunched Red Carrots.


Organic Pineapple supplies continued to be strong arriving into the east coast ports. With overall good quality, pineapples will be an excellent promotable item through March.

Chelan October 2021


Supplies are plentiful and quality is outstanding on California Organic Navel OrangesCara Cara OrangesMandarinsMinneola Tangelos, and Lemons. While in less steady supply, Organic Blood OrangesGrapefruit, Kumquats, Meyer Lemons, and Pummels remain in season.  Organic Limes from Mexico continue to be in extremely short supply, with fair quality and high pricing.

NatureSafe October 2021

Green Beans

Organic Green Beans from Mexico and Florida are beginning to see steady supply, as volumes increases through March. Expect more promotional pricing opportunities on excellent quality product in the coming weeks.

Greenhouse Cucumbers

Growers Ice Co October 2021

Organic Euro Seedless Cucumbers will be promotable as Mexico continues with an oversupply of product. Overall quality is excellent. Organic Mini Seedless Cucumbers are available out of Canada and Mexico, with steady supplies and excellent quality.

Jacobs Farm October 2021
Lakeside October 2021
Ocean Mist October 2021
Growers Ice Co October 2021
Organic Grower Summit October 2021

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