OPN Connect Newsletter 115 · May 16, 2019

Top 5- Organic News to Help You Grow

1. The Biggest Little Farm- How One Couple Gave Up Everything to Live the Entrepreneurial Dream

A new documentary chronicles the eight-year journey of two entrepreneurs pursuing a type of organic farming that can help reduce climate change.

Nature Safe

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2. Biodiversity Requirements Will Enhance Organic Standards

Kathleen Merrigan, former deputy secretary and COO of the United States Department of Agriculture, helped write the original 1990 Organic Foods Production Act (OFPA), and now she says, “the time is right to enhance the National Organic Program with biodiversity dictates.”

Organic Ag Products

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3. UC Cooperative Extension Hires First Organic Specialist

For the first time, the University of California has hired a Cooperative Extension specialist dedicated to organic agriculture. Joji Muramoto, a longtime research associate with the University of California Santa Cruz, will coordinate a statewide program focused on the organic production of strawberries and vegetables.

Ocean Mist

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4. Global Organic Beer Market Report to Share Key Aspects of the Industry

U.S. organic beer sales have increased more than tenfold since 2003, from $9 million to $92 million in 2014, the latest year figures were available from the Organic Trade Association. Such is the growth in popularity in the U.S. of organic beer, which carries on despite some considerable challenges in the future.

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5. Concept Agri-Tek Enters the Organic Market

Concept Agri-Tek is proud to announce their flagship product Buncha Bugs DF Plus has been approved by the Organic Materials Review Institute. Concept Agri-Tek’s agronomy and chemistry team have led the company in continual success in recent years in the conventional fertilizer and biology market and now enter into the organic market.

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