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2018 Organic Produce Network Media Kit

2019 Organic Produce Network Media Kit

What is the Organic Produce Network?

The Organic Produce Network (OPN) is a vibrant online resource serving the organic fresh produce community. It provides information, news, thought-provoking stories from industry opinion leaders, education and updates. OPN is the voice and go-to resource for all things related to organic produce. The company’s mission is to inform and educate through a strong digital presence with an emphasis on original content, and complimented by engaging live events which bring together various components of the organic food community.

What is OPN Connect?

OPN Connect is the free weekly e-Newsletter of the Organic Produce Network. Headlines of the week’s news stories – both compiled from other sources and freshly written content – will be featured in this newsletter. Once a reader clicks on a headline, they are taken to the OPN website where all articles can be read in full.

Who is OPN’s Target Market?

Everyone who is connected to organic fresh produce including:

  • Production – Growers, Processors and Distributors
  • Buyers – Retailers, Wholesalers, Natural Food Stores and Foodservice Operators
  • Allied Industries – Suppliers of Seeds, Packaging, Technology and Equipment, Educational Organizations and Industry Commissions
  • Other Miscellaneous Industries – Suppliers of Ingredients, Supplements, Vitamins, Beverages, Juices, Snacks and Frozen Foods