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Top 5 - Organic News to Help You Grow #334

August 24, 2023

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Top 5 - Organic News to Help You Grow   #334

1. Del Rey Offering Organics 365 Days A Year 

Del Rey Avocado Co. is a year-round supplier of avocados from multiple sources of origin, but it still focuses on its California crop with an organic-forward mentality.  Read More

2. Poster Campaign for Organic Products Targeting 80 Million Consumers in the Paris Subway 

Prince de Bretagne’s volumes of organic broccoli are starting to grow, just as the cooperative is about to promote them to the general public. “The weather has been favorable for broccoli production since last week. The timing is perfect, given that we will be running a poster campaign from August 22 to 28 in the Paris subway to promote organic products in general, with the broccoli as our ambassador,” explains Marie-Amélie Lacroix, organic product manager at Prince de Bretagne.  Read More

3. Giumarra Vineyards' Randy Giumarra Talks Promotable Volume Across Organic Varieties 

A robust table grape program is essential at retail and made even more valuable when organic offerings are available to bolster the set. With flavor and size on lock, Giumarra Vineyards packs a punch with its multiple organic varieties.  Read More

4. USDA Offers New Course on Organic Handling, Processing 

The USDA’s National Organic Program recently published a new course in its Organic Integrity Learning Center on how handlers and processors should maintain a product’s organic status.  Read More

5. Shorter Supplies of Mexican Organic Bananas Continue

It’s been a strange year for organic bananas from Mexico. “We usually have a lot of production during the summer months, and that has not been the case. Production has slowed down quite a bit, at least in Mexico,” says Mayra Velazquez de León, President and CEO of Organics Unlimited.  Read More

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