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Top 5 - Organic News to Help You Grow #313

March 30, 2023

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Top 5 - Organic News to Help You Grow   #313

1. Sprouts to Eliminate Single-Use Plastic Bags By End of Year

Sprouts Farmers Market, one of the largest and fastest-growing specialty retailers of fresh, natural, and organic food in the US, has announced it will eliminate single-use plastic bags at checkout by the end of 2023.  Read More

2. Lower Organic Apple Volumes out of South America Expected 

The US organic apple market is dealing with conflicting pressures. Washington’s organic apple production is down about 25 percent. “With supplies being shorter and grower expenses up, the price per pound is generally up as well,” says Ben Johnson, President of Bridges Organic Produce. “This is conflicting at a time when consumers are trying to pinch pennies in response to high inflation. It is a tough balancing act, and as a result, there’s just not a lot of energy in the market right now.” Johnson expects the current mood will also have an impact on the import season.  Read More

3. Dutch Organic Produce Company Thrives During Inflation

There are reports that the Dutch organic market is struggling with inflation and that consumers are not buying organic goods as a result. But this has not been the case for TOFF, which has begun the year well. "Our customers will share their concerns with us, and we read that people are buying fewer organic products. Our sales figures, however, contradict that," Jeffrey Moret says.  Read More

4. Organic Farming Increasing in Popularity Despite Roadblocks to Entry

Clint Bland is not trying to feed the whole country with his farm. What he is trying to do is provide local customers with food grown with organic methods, something that both farmers and consumers are turning their interest towards.  Read More

5. Rainier Fruit Touts Year-Round Apple Supply

Rainier Fruit Company has plans in place to take core organic varieties year-round again. For the fifth year in a row, organic Gala, organic Fuji, organic Honeycrisp, and organic Granny Smith apples will be supplied by Rainier Fruit all summer long.  Read More

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