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Organic Market Update #291

October 20, 2022

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Organic Market Update

Week 42, 2022



Organic Hass Avocado supplies out of Mexico are in excellent shape for the middle of October. The steady volume and outstanding quality at reasonable pricing will allow for strong for October promotions. The Mexican crop is transitioning from “Flora Loca” to the “Aventajada” crop and Equal Exchange brand Organic Fair-Trade Avocados continue with good availability on 48ct and 60ct.



Organic Valencia Oranges are in steady supply and are expected to transition to Organic Navel Oranges the first half of November, with a large crop of good quality fruit expected. Organic Grapefruit continues to be very limited out of California, with supplies expected to improve the first or second week of November. Organic Lemons and Limes are in good supply with easing prices.



Organic Zucchini and Yellow Squash are in consistent supply as NC and FL production continues. Colder temperatures in NC have slowed harvest, and FL has resumed production of Organic Zucchini on the heels of impacts of Hurricane Ian. Mexican supplies of both commodities are becoming available, and volumes will increase in late October.


Brussels Sprouts

Organic Brussels Sprouts from Mexico have resumed harvests with limited production. Supply volume will gradually increase, while pricing decreases heading into November.



Organic Beefsteak Tomatoes from Quebec are now available and show excellent quality. Organic Cluster Tomatoes out of Canada are starting in a small way with some additional volume to supplement supplies of the Mexico crop. Canadian production will provide excellent quality through the end of the year. Cocktail Tomatoes, Organic Campari Cocktail Tomatoes, Organic Grape, and Cherry Tomatoes are available with steady supplies out of Quebec.



Organic Leaf and Romaine Lettuce supplies remain limited as California suppliers struggle with “INSV” field disease and light harvest yields. These conditions are expected to continue into November when growers transition to southern growing regions. Quebec supplies have rebounded after cold temperatures slowed production, but their season is in the final stages and expected to conclude by November. Organic Romaine Hearts and Iceberg Lettuce from California also remain limited due to growers not harvesting on a consistent basis. With inconsistent harvests and yields, pricing is expected to remain elevated into November, when new growing regions begin.



Organic Celery production from CA remains strong as November approaches and Thanksgiving demand begins. Expect Organic Celery prices to increase with the demand. Quality remains good and is expected to remain so through the Thanksgiving holiday.


Broccoli & Cauliflower

Organic Cauliflower production from California remains difficult in mid-October. Although some growers are reporting increased volume, others are struggling with low yields and quality issues. A range of prices is expected during the short term due to the volatile market. PA growers are expected to begin harvesting their fall crop of Organic Cauliflower in late October and run into November with nice quality expected. Organic Broccoli pricing remains extremely elevated as California continues to be the main source of supplies but struggles with quality and yields. Quebec production is winding down, and North Carolina growers will start later in October, with improved quality and availability expected. Organic Stem/Stalk Broccoli from PA is now available.



Organic Pineapple supplies and quality have been excellent with promotable pricing on both 6ct and 8ct sizing. Both Organic Eat & Drink Coconuts and Organic Young Thai Coconuts will be in available through the end of the month. Organic Keitt Mangos from California are available in limited supplies, with high prices for this domestic fruit.  Organic Dragon Fruit supplies suffered from severe weather in Mexico, and supplies will be very limited for the time being. Organic Royal Star Papayas are in tight supply due to rain and gaps in crop supplies.

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