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Organic Market Update #284

September 1, 2021

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Organic Market Update

Week 35, 2022




Late summer marks the beginning of fresh crop USA Organic Pear season, and California growers have been shipping some varieties for a few weeks, while Oregon and Washington growers are starting to ramp up their harvests. September through November will be prime time for new crop Organic Pear promotions. Organic Asian Pears from California are showing outstanding quality and juiciness, and Organic Green Bartlett Pears also available from California. The first Washington fruit is expected to start shipping this week. Organic Starkrimson Red Pears out of Oregon will be available next week, and this variety changes color to a more vivid red as they ripen.



Organic Euro Seedless Cucumbers are expected to remain steady with promotable prices going into September. Quality is outstanding. Organic Mini Seedless Cucumbers have tightened up a bit as many shippers have already started to transition their crops. Quality is excellent and volumes should increase as we head into the middle of September. New crop Mexican cucumbers are now available, with Organic Cucumbers available out of the southeast later this fall.



Organic Romaine Lettuce from California continues to harvest minimal yields heading into September. The “INSV” disease, which makes the crop un-harvestable, is resulting in yields of 50 percent or less than normal. Organic Green and Red Leaf Lettuces from California are not facing the same issues, however increased demand is expected to effect supply volume and increase pricing. Supplies and quality from Quebec remain strong.



The first arrival of new crop Wisconsin Organic Russet Potatoes is now available, with pricing on the new crop will be down slightly from CA product. New crop Wisconsin Organic Red and Gold Potatoes will transition in early September and should provide better price points.





Organic Cantaloupe and Honeydew are in great supply with excellent quality and sliding prices. Organic Galia Melons will finish for the season by the beginning of September. Organic Mini Watermelons remain available from PA and CA. Quality has been excellent on the PA harvests as local farmers are in peak production. California also has plenty of supplies, and quality has been excellent.



Supply continues to improve on Organic Grapes from California, with September one of the best times of year to promote. Organic Red Grapes are transitioning into premium varieties like “Krissy,” “Sweet Celebration,” and “Scarlett Royal.” Size, texture, and flavor should be good. Organic Green Grapes are in great supply with excellent quality. “Sweet Globes,” “Great Greens,” and “Autumn King” are the top three varieties for early September. Also, some specialty varieties are readily available to enhance displays, including Organic Grape sets: “Candy Snap,” “Sweet Carnival,” and ThomcordsOrganic Cotton Candy Grapes are expected for early this month.



Organic Blackberry prices remain steady with good supplies and nice quality fruit out of California. Mexico production is expected to begin mid to late September. Organic Raspberry volumes remain steady ahead of the Labor Day weekend. Quality has been excellent. Organic Blueberry prices are rising quickly as production out of the Pacific Northwest is finishing. There are Peruvian imports coming in and quality has been excellent. Overall supplies will tighten up and prices will rise with less availability. Organic Strawberry prices are rising as supplies continue to dwindle and demand exceeds supplies. Quality has been nice as new areas are beginning harvests, but volume is very limited

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