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Organic Market Update #253

January 27, 2022

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Organic Market Update

Week 4, 2022


Winter Crop Peppers

Mexican Organic Color Bell Peppers remain in strong supply for January. Israeli Organic Color Bell Peppers are available with stable pricing, and quality from both growing regions is outstanding. Organic Mini Sweet Peppers are also in steady supply from Mexico in 12/1lb pouches. Affordable pricing and promotional opportunities are available.

 Florida Organic Mini Peppers 18/12 oz clamshells are showing robust volumes and outstanding quality. Organic Padron and Shishito Peppers from Mexico are returning in late January. Organic Green Bell Peppers from Florida remain in steady supply. Expect stable supplies, pricing, and quality through the end of the month as demand remains strong.



Limited volumes of Organic Grapes are available out of Peru and South Africa. Prices are expected to stay strong for the remainder of the season due to lower yields because of the pre-season weather.



Fruit is making its way back into the supply chain from the Pacific Northwest following heavy snowfall in the region. While higher freight costs remain an issue, there are plenty of promotional opportunities for February on premium quality Organic Apples, including Cosmic Crisp, Envy, Honeycrisp, Lady Alice, Opal, Pinata, Pink Lady, and SugarBee. Looking ahead to the rest of the winter and spring storage crop of apples, two varieties may wrap up quicker than usual: Organic Fuji and Gala Apples. Some growers are opening their Controlled Atmosphere Storage rooms and discovering these two varieties didn’t hold up well for pack-outs. Expect prices to remain firm.



Organic Grape Tomatoes from Florida continue in large volume production. Quality has been outstanding, and supplies remain steady. Organic Rainbow Cherry Tomatoes from Florida are promotable through the end of January on steady supplies and outstanding quality. Organic Heirloom and Dark Heirlooms Tomatoes are promotable on steady supplies out of Mexico, while Organic Roma Tomatoes will be promotable heading into February. Quality has been outstanding out of Mexico on steady availability.



Organic Asparagus production has started out of Mexico and Ecuador. Prices will start to fall toward the end of January and into early February, as availability is expected to improve with more farms harvesting product.



Organic Raspberry prices remain steady heading into February. Demand remains strong and quality has been nice on product out of Mexico. Organic Blackberry prices and supplies will also remain steady heading into February out of Mexico. Organic Blueberry prices remain on the high side, but supplies will get much better, leading to promotable pricing with the fruit arriving out of Chile. Organic Strawberries supplies remain fairly snug. Florida and Mexico have begun with more harvests but are still inconsistent with their production. California production will remain very limited until after Valentine’s Day, and then prices are expected to come off as volume should ramp up.



Organic Cucumbers production from Mexico is beginning to experience strong harvest yields, driving pricing down. New growing regions generated stronger supplies to stabilize pricing and availability. Pricing is expected to remain consistent in late January and soften entering February. Overall quality has been excellent. Organic Euro Seedless Cucumbers out of Mexico will remain on the limited side heading into February. There will not be a relief in the market until the middle of February, when Canada starts back up full swing.



Organic Mini Watermelons are back, and quality has been excellent from new crops in Mexico. Supplies should be steady through February.



UPC’d mesh-bag Organic Brussels Sprouts will make their return later this month. Expect good quality and stable pricing throughout their season. Bulk Organic Brussels Sprouts continue to have stable supplies from Mexico, with pricing, and quality consistent. Late January will see a slight price decrease as volumes begin to strengthen from seasonal shippers.



Organic Green and Red Cabbage from Florida will be in peak production from the last week of January through Valentine’s Day. Strong supplies, excellent quality, and lower prices January create a prefect promotional opportunity.

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