OPN Connect Newsletter 359 · February 22, 2024

Market Update

Week 8, 2024


Lettuces and Greens

Florida continues to supply Organic Leaf and Romaine Lettuce at a consistent cost and volume. Organic Greens and Kales supplies from Florida are starting to increase and costs are predicted to stay slightly elevated for the duration of February. Quality remains exceptional. Due to a declining supply of Organic Iceberg and Romaine Hearts, the cost of Organic Lettuce has started to rise out of Arizona and southern California.

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Organic Tomatoes remain tight and pricey but with good quality. There is a positive trend starting in availability for Organic Grape Tomatoes, with hopes that other snacking varieties will follow suit by the end of February.


Washington Organic Cosmic Crisp and Envy Apples are in excellent supply and promotable. Other varieties like Organic Fuji, Gala, Gold Delicious, and Granny Smith Apples are being packed less often, leading to higher prices. Large Organic Pink Lady Apples are becoming scarce, while Organic SweeTango Apples are expected to be finished for the season by the end of February.

Vitalis April 2024

Hard Squash

New crop Mexican Organic Butternut and Spaghetti Squash are in decent supply on all sizes. Prices are expected to remain steady for at least the next month. Organic Acorn is becoming tight in supply, and some shipments will experience sporadic gaps through early March. Pricing is expected to be high compared to other hard squashes until more plantings start later in March. Organic Kabocha Squash will be in light supply with smaller sizing until early March.


Organic Mandarins are in peak season. New crop California Organic Gold Nugget Mandarins are expected to ship late February. This varietal has bumpy skin with juicy, sweet, and flavorful flesh. Organic Mandarin varieties being packed for loose and bagged are W. Murcott and Tango. Organic Navel Oranges have rebounded well from recent weather events, offering good supply and quality across all sizes. Organic Blood and Cara Cara Oranges continue in season. Organic Minneola Tangelos will maintain a steady supply throughout February. Organic Lemons are peaking with large fruit.


Organic Broccoli production in California’s desert-growing regions remains abundant. Outstanding quality and excellent yields are responsible for the strong volume. Expect cost reductions as volume rises. Due to lower yields brought on by the weather, the volume of Organic Sweet Baby Broccoli is getting more restricted. Expect higher prices and more restrictions on availability. The volume of Organic Cauliflower is steady on nice quality and competitive pricing are present. As March approaches, it is anticipated that the supply volume will decline.

Homegrown Organic Farms April 2024

Soft Squash

Both Organic Green and Yellow Squash from Mexico are more available than they have been this winter, particularly Organic Green Squash. As we move into March, supplies are expected to tighten for both varieties.


Promotable volumes of Organic Blueberries continue to be abundant from Chile, offering competitive pricing and great quality. Organic Blackberry prices are experiencing a slight increase to accommodate rising cost of production. Overall, supplies from Mexico are expected to remain steady, and the quality of the produce has been consistently high. Steady availability is anticipated for Organic Strawberries with pricing remaining stable and quality sourced from Mexico proving to be favorable. As March approaches, an increase in volume is expected, potentially leading to more attractive pricing in the coming spring. Organic Raspberries are facing tight supplies, leading to pro-rates, limits, and potential outages due to weather conditions impacting production.

Creekside Organics April 2024
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