OPN Connect Newsletter 357 · February 8, 2024

Market Update

Week 6, 2024



Organic Blackberries are very promotable with abundant supplies coming from USA and Mexico. Quality is look outstanding with great flavor. Organic Blueberries will be more promotable to start off the FeBlueary promotion. Pricing has eased off, and supplies have increased to promote throughout the month of February. Quality has been very good. Organic Strawberry supplies will be on the tighter side through Valentine’s Day. Rain has slowed down production out of Baja with cooler temps. Florida fruit is also limited due to less acreage and growing conditions. Pricing will remain on the higher side ahead of the holiday demand. Organic Raspberry supplies are limited but harvests are improving daily, and pricing is expected to ease off towards the end of February.

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Organic Mandarins continue to impress with top-notch quality as the transition into the Tango and Murcott varieties begins. Organic Navel Oranges are peaking more towards choice fruit and larger sizes with quality remaining strong on all grades. Organic Minneolas are available and there will be a steady supply for the next month. Organic Cara Cara Oranges are plentiful in supply across all sizes and grades. Organic Blood Oranges also continue in peak season. Organic Grapefruit has excellent quality and promotable pricing. Organic Lemon pricing has continued to decline to more attractive levels, with good supplies expected on the horizon.


Supplies from the West Coast on Organic Broccoli have increased, as February gets underway, with steady volume and declining costs throughout the month. Early February volume of Organic Cauliflower will be steady. Opportunities for promotions are anticipated to come in mid-February as prices decline and quantities rise.

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Organic Beefsteak, Cocktail, and Cluster Tomatoes are expected to remain steady but at elevated pricing into the middle of February. Organic Roma Tomatoes and Heirloom Tomatoes are coming into better supply and prices are going to be more promotable. Organic Grape and Cherry Tomatoes continue to be limited in volume with high pricing. Relief is expected later in the month.

Green Beans

Pricing seems to have hit its peak on Organic Green Beans and will hold steady through mid-February. Weather has been improving so the expectation is to be back in the swing of full harvests after Valentines Day. Due to the light supply and occasional quality issues, Organic Packaged Green Beans are being pro-rated in volume.


Organic Grapes are limited as South African vessels continue to face delays. There could be a slight gap in fruit in early February. Organic Green Grapes are more readily available than Organic Red Grapes.


Cal-Organic June 2024


New crop Organic Ataulfo Mangos will be available from Mexico with light volume and high prices. Peruvian Organic Round Mango supplies are very tight to start February. Expect occasional gaps until the new crop Mexican season gets going the middle to end of February. Organic Pineapples have been in steady supply and Organic Sapodilla will be available for the first time in a while from Florida to start the month.


Organic Green and Yellow Squash supplies remain tight. Prices are expected to remain high into at least mid-March while Florida gaps and Mexico has light production due to wet and cold weather.

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