OPN Connect Newsletter 346 · November 16, 2023

Organic Market Update

Week 46, 2023


Broccoli and Cauliflower

While Organic Broccoli is widely available, the approaching transition to desert regions and increased demand for the holiday, have increased California prices. Organic Cauliflower from California is steadily available. Prices did increase slightly due to increased holiday demand. Regenerative Organic Sweet Baby Broccoli will wind down in production during November, but regular Organic Sweet Baby Broccoli will be available. Organic Purple Sweet Baby Broccoli will be in season for November.

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Asparagus and Brussels

Organic Asparagus quality is outstanding, with promotable prices heading into Thanksgiving. Product from Argentina will be finished by mid- November. Wisconsin Organic Brussels Sprouts have nice volumes for November. While production will not reach promotable levels, expect significantly improved pricing for the holiday pulls.

Specialty Fruit

Organic Dragon Fruit from California is now available and Organic Kiwano Melons and Organic Passion Fruit from California are also available in limited quantities. Organic Feijoa from California will be starting just before the Thanksgiving holiday. Organic Papayas from Mexico will be steady on excellent quality. Organic Yuca Root will be available from Florida for the remainder of the month. 

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10/1lb Organic French Bean availability has changed quickly with storms coming through Guatemala. Rain has caused a halt in production and delays at the ports with inbound product. Organic Green Beans shippers out of Florida are struggling to cover national retail contracts as of right now and do not have any additional volume. Look for the switch to Mexican Organic Green Beans where good quality is expected.


Organic Blueberry supplies and quality have improved and should be steady heading up into Thanksgiving. Organic Raspberry supplies are tightening out of Mexico as harvests have slowed down. Supply is steady but pricing will increase on excellent quality products. Organic Strawberries continue to be extremely limited with increased pricing. The natural gap in growing cycles is the main cause of the short markets. California is finished, and Mexico supplies are light with rain expected to slow harvest. Ohio Greenhouse Grown Organic Strawberries are available to help with supply. Organic Blackberries continue to be limited out of Mexico. Even though supplies and quality continue to improve, availability is expected to remain tight ahead of Thanksgiving.


Organic Kiwifruit from California is in stronger supply, but pricing is higher. Organic Gold Kiwifruit from California is readily available, and California grown Organic Keitt Mangos are available at high prices. After that, Organic Mangos will gap until the end of November when limited volume will be available.


Cal-Organic June 2024



The new crop California Organic Navel Oranges are getting started with firm prices. There will be opportunities to promote Jumbo/XL Organic Navel Oranges with 36, 40, and 48ct sizes peaking for the rest of November. Organic Grapefruit is in better supply this week with Mexico ramping up. Organic Lemons from California are showing excellent quality; however, pricing is still elevated to start out with large fruit being limited.

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