OPN Connect Newsletter 345 · November 9, 2023

Organic Market Update

Week 45, 2023


Potatoes and Sweets

It’s cooking, baking, soup and stew season, and the good news is that Organic Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes are in great shape. Wisconsin is fully stocked with Organic Russet Potatoes, and quality is outstanding as this is the peak of the season. Organic Red and Gold Potatoes from Manitoba, Canada will be in steady supply and price for the next two months. November is a great time to start opening up on Organic Sweet Potatoes as pricing on all potato varieties will remain steady through the end of the year.

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Broccoli and Beans

California continues to produce the majority of Organic Broccoli, with Virginia and North Carolina major suppliers on the East Coast. Strong volumes and competitive prices from both coasts will make Thanksgiving promotions possible. Organic Green Beans in bulk 25lb boxes are available from Florida and Mexico. Expect decent supply and availability from both regions, with Mexico having a slower start but Florida helping meet needs. Organic French Beans in 10/1lb bags will be available again this holiday with outstanding quality.

Apples & Pears

Excellent supplies and quality available on Organic Apples provide excellent promotional opportunities for many varieties. Organic Opal Apples have arrived, boasting their bright yellow skin and slow-to-brown, white flesh, which is also delicious. Other premium snacking varieties available include Organic Ambrosia, Envy, Lady Alice, Rockit, SugarBee, and SweeTangoOrganic Pears are in peak season, as Organic Red Anjou Pears are available, and Organic Comice Pears are expected to return in early November, just in time for the holiday season.

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Organic Strawberry pricing is on the rise as supplies decrease. California’s harvest is finished, and Mexico is offering limited supply. Ohio greenhouse grown Organic Strawberries are available to bridge the gap, and the quality is impressive. Organic Blackberry availability remains tight with high pricing due to recent hurricanes in Mexico, which have significantly damaged the crops. Growers are struggling to maintain consistent volume and quality. Expect shortages and limitations throughout the start of November. Organic Blueberry supplies from Peru and Chile are gradually improving, leading to slightly easing pricing as more fruit becomes available. The overall quality has been consistently high. Organic Raspberry prices are stabilizing as the season comes to an end. Harvests continue steadily with good availability and excellent quality.


Organic Snap Peas are expected to be available around mid-November, marking the start of a program to ensure availability of Organic Peas year-round. There will be a bulk 10 pound option as well as bag options for retail. Organic Snow Peas will also become available year-round, beginning mid-December.


Organic Iceberg and Romaine Hearts supplies are steadily increasing in California and Arizona, as production moves south into the desert. Production from California will become the primary source in mid- November, with North Carolina production serving as a supplement. By the end of November, Florida will start their winter season. Organic Iceberg Lettuce is still available from New Jersey, but its availability will become limited.


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New crop Organic Navel Oranges from California are getting started, with high pricing to start the season. Organic Lemons from California are showing excellent quality however pricing is high. Organic Grapefruit will remain limited for the month of November as some growers/shippers pushed harvest back.

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