OPN Connect Newsletter 336 · September 7, 2023

Organic Market Update

Week 36, 2023



The outlook is favorable for the 2023 new crop of Organic Apples from Washington, with strong volume and excellent quality expected this Fall and Winter. Storage and import Organic Fuji and Granny Smith Apples are expected to run out over the next few weeks before the new crop out of Washington begins in mid- October. Organic Gala and Honeycrisp Apples will fully transition to 2023 new crop out of Washington, while imported Organic Pink Lady Apples supplies are expected to run out before the new crop in Washington gets started in early November.

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 Rain from Hurricane Hilary damaged Organic Grapes in California, as 0ne to two inches of August rains caused splits, cracks, mold, and decay on some varieties.  Organic Red and Green Grapes are more available than conventional but expect high pricing and unsteady markets into September.


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Organic Grapefruit is in decent supply this week, but sporadic tight availability should be expected for the next few weeks.   Argentinean Organic Lemons remain in good supply but are expected to tighten over the next two weeks while Mexico and California ramp up. Organic Valencia supplies are beginning to tighten; expect sporadic supplies withstronger prices. There is expected to be a gap between Valencia and Navels sometime in late September /early October.

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Organic Avocado supplies are better. Pricing has begun to drop on the popular 48-ct size for the start of September. Equal Exchange Fair Trade Organic Avocado season has begun, and 8/4-ct Organic Avocados from Equal Exchange are back with eco-packaging.


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The new crop California premium Organic Sweet Potatoes are transitioning, with expectations of a seamless transition without any gaps (except for the Ben Yagi’s.). Orange and Red Sweet Potatoes are starting production, while Japanese Sweet Potatoes will start in the end of September. Stokes and Whites will also start the last week of September. And Ben Yagi and Okinawa (a new variety) will start the first or second week of October. Organic Ben Yagi Sweet Potatoes are now done for the year.



Speciality Fruit

Organic Royal Star Papayas are in good supply on strong quality.  California Organic Tomatillos and Organic Okra are available and Organic Kiwiberries are expected to start in the middle of September. The season is expected to last about a month. Organic Pomegranates from California are also expected to start this month.

Broccoli and Cauliflower

Organic Broccoli pricing and availability remain steady, with consistent supplies out of the West Coast.  Canada also continues to harvest with a nice supply and quality. Organic Cauliflower remains steady overall. There is some slight instability in the market due to supply, but pricing hasn’t changed yet.


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Organic Strawberries will continue to be promotable as harvests remain strong, and quality has been nice.  Organic Blueberry prices will spike as supplies tighten up, as Peruvian imports are slowly arriving.  Expect tight supplies and high prices until vessels start arriving in late September or early October. Organic Raspberry supplies are starting to dwindle as West Coast weather has affected the crops.  Blackberry supplies are fairly snug overall, and pricing is steady. Demand remains strong as CA is the only region harvesting fruit right now. 

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