OPN Connect Newsletter 334 · August 24, 2023

Organic Market Update

Week 34, 2023



Excellent promotional opportunities are available on Organic Gala Apples to finish August, as the transition from imports to new crop domestic fruit is starting. Organic Honeycrisp Apples out of the Pacific Northwest will not gap, and the transition will take place in late August to new crop, and prices should come down. Washington storage Organic Fuji Apples will finish for the season and have a smooth transition into imports for a month or so when new crop out of Washington will begin late September. Storage crop USA Organic Granny Smith are done for the season, with firm supplies of imports are now available on rising prices. Storage crop Organic Cosmic Crisp Apples are sold out for the season and gap until November or December. Domestic storage Organic Pink Lady Apples are gapping and import supplies are very tight.

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Organic Asparagus from Argentina will start to arrive by the end of August, on higher prices. Organic Asparagus from this region will gap from September through most of October.


Vitalis February 2024


Mangoes & Pineapples

Organic Mangos remain in good supply, with many growers transitioning to Kent and Keitt fruit during the final stages of the Mexican season over the next month. Sizing will be larger for the rest of August on 6-9ct and very few 10-12ct. Organic Ataulfo Honey Mangos are now gapping as Mexico’s season is winding down, and Organic Nam Doc Mai Mangos are finishing for the season. Organic Pineapple supplies will be very limited through the middle of September. Prices will be up with pro-rates.


Fox Packaging January February 2024

Organic Hass Avocado prices remain higher, but fruit volume is increasing each week. Expect prices to drop on 48ct fruit and larger in the coming weeks. Equal Exchange Organic Hass Avocado season is under way, with the first arrival of the 2023/24 season now available. Organic Green Skin Avocados from Florida will be promotable through September!


Wisconsin Organic Russet Potatoes are now available, which will bring some much-needed pricing relief to this category. Organic Count Russets are expected to look very nice, with both 16/3lb and 10/5lb Organic Bag Russets will be available.



Hiwassee February 2024


Brussels Sprouts

Mexican Organic Brussels Sprouts are scarce for late August, with newly harvested crops from Wisconsin readily available on exceptional quality. In addition to bulk production, Wisconsin will offer packaged Organic Brussels Sprouts to increase the assortment of organic grab-and-go produce.


Organic Romaine and Leaf Lettuces from California are readily available, with plenty of promotional opportunities a result of favorable pricing and superb quality. Organic Iceberg and Romaine Hearts are widely available with outstanding quality on steady pricing.


Organic Strawberries are promotable, as supplies are strong on excellent quality products. Organic Blackberry prices and availability remain steady out of California, and quality has been nice. Organic Blueberry prices will continue to increase slightly as Peruvian imports are sporadic. Organic Raspberry pricing is easing on steadier supplies. Quality has been very good.

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