OPN Connect Newsletter 332 · August 10, 2023

Demand Significantly Outpacing Organic Avocado Supply

The market price on organic avocados has once again hit stratospheric levels this week as the volume on larger-sized fruit is very limited. The FOB price reached the upper $70s on 48s, while wholesale produce marketers were asking in the upper $80s—or even more.

California’s organic production is quickly winding down, and Mexico’s summer crop continues to have problems reaching a normal size curve. Peru is chipping in with some organic volume on larger sizes, but virtually all of that volume is committed to program sales.

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In fact, Rob Ybarra, executive vice president of Villita Avocados in Pharr, Texas, said the same is true for his organic volume from Mexico. “Everything we bring in is already sold,” he said of the company’s volume coming into Texas from its packing sheds in Michoacan and Jaliso. “We are bringing in no organic fruit for the spot market.”