OPN Connect Newsletter 331 · August 3, 2023

Organic Market Update

Week 31, 2023



Organic Grape supplies are plentiful out of California on all colors, with traditional varieties leading the way. As production moves north in California, more proprietary varieties will be available in August and September. Excellent quality is expected on Organic Green and Red Seedless GrapesOrganic Champagne (tiny red seedless grapes with tender stem ends) and Organic Thomcord Grapes (a seedless cross between Thompson and Concord grapes with old-fashioned grape jelly taste) are both in season.

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Organic Cantaloupes and Honeydews are peaking in production, with Organic Cantaloupes very promotable for August. Organic Hami and Galia Melons continue to be in season. Organic Mini Seedless Watermelons are available outside of California and Arizona. Pennsylvania farms will begin harvests in the first week of August with stronger supplies expected throughout the month. Organic Seedless Watermelon bins will not be available. California farms are gapping, and demand is strong. Prices will be extremely high on what little fruit is available.


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Organic Romaine Hearts and Iceberg Lettuce remain readily available from both California and Québec. Expect an increase in prices for both commodities in early August. Organic Leaf and Romaine Lettuce conditions are not ideal, but supplies remain available from various regions. Québec, New York, and Vermont are all available, however due to inclement weather, yields are limited from all three regions. California-grown Organic Lettuce will supplement the shortages from the Northeast and Canadian growers.


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For the first time, Organic Koru Apples are now available from New Zealand. This cross between a Fuji and Braeburn is a great mix to add to the apple category. Organic Fuji Apples will fully transition to imports in the beginning of August until the new Washington crop begins mid-September. Organic Gala Apples have transitioned to imports with promotional opportunities on all sizes and are expected to transition seamlessly to new crops in mid to late August. Organic Granny Smith Apples have also transitioned to imports with tight supplies. Expect high prices until new crops come on in mid to late September. Organic Cosmic Crisp Apples have finished for the season and will gap until November or December.


Organic Red and Gold Potatoes are in steady supply with outstanding quality outside of California. Wisconsin will start around the week of August 14th, which should bring some nice price relief to these items. Organic Count Russet Potatoes are tight heading into August with California shippers winding down and Washington growers pushing harvests back by a week due to sizing. Washington Organic Russets should begin to ship the first week of August.



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Organic Red, Orange, and Yellow Peppers are in steady supply from Canada, but yields are decreasing. Pricing will remain consistent, but if yields are severely impacted by heat, prices will rise quickly. Product from Holland will be available to supplement any shortages from Canada.

Broccoli & Cauliflower

Organic Broccoli and Cauliflower from California are promotable, with strong volume and quality driving improvements in prices. Both commodities are available from Québec as a supplement option, however pricing is elevated from that region due to weather conditions.


Organic Blueberry prices and supplies are promotable out of Washington and Oregon. Quality has been very nice. Organic Blackberry prices are coming off slightly on product out of California. Organic Raspberry pricing will remain high with limited amount of fruit. Mexico is starting and will have limited but steady supply. Organic Strawberry prices jumped significantly, and volume continues to remain limited. Harvests have slowed down, and availability will continue to be a struggle.

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