OPN Connect Newsletter 329 · July 20, 2023

Organic Market Update

Week 29, 2023



Organic Blackberry remains promotable out of California, as quality is sharp, and fruit is eating fantastic. New Jersey Organic Blackberries supplies should remain steady through the end of July. Organic Blueberry prices will be promotable with the start of the Pacific Northwest deal. The quality has been exceptional, and volume is very strong. Organic Raspberry prices are steady out of California, and quality has been nice, and supplies are abundant. Organic Strawberry prices remain steady, while production begins slowing down, creating a gradual price increase. The quality has been excellent.

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Stone Fruit

Organic Dark Sweet Cherries remain abundant from Washington for July promotions with excellent quality, flavor, and value. Organic Rainier Cherries are available and taste great but will not be as abundant for promotable levels. California Organic Yellow & White Peaches and Nectarines and Red & Black Plums continue in peak season supply with excellent quality. Organic Apricots, featuring the high color “Robada” variety with red blush show steady supplies for the rest of July. Organic Verry Cherry Plums are now in season, and Organic Pluots are readily available and a great addition to your stone fruit set.


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Organic Leaf and Romaine Lettuce growing regions have moved to New York and Vermont. In addition, the Quebec season has begun, and availability will remain strong through the remainder of summer. Organic Romaine Hearts and Iceberg Lettuce remain in steady supply from California and Quebec. Promotional opportunities will be available in late July and early August.


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Organic Black Mission Figs from California are available until the end of July. Then, California will gap for a few weeks before supplies return to finish out the summer and into fall.


Organic Hass Avocado volumes have rebounded from Mexico as growers began to harvest “Flora Loca” season fruit. Small amounts of Peru and California Organic Hass Avocados are available.



Hiwassee February 2024



Organic Cantaloupes and Honeydews are available out of Central California with excellent quality and supply to kick the season off. Organic Seedless Watermelons are also in season outside of California. The quality has been excellent and volume steady overall. Organic Mini Seedless Watermelons are available outside of California and Arizona. The quality looked excellent.

Green Beans

Pennsylvania grown Organic Green Beans have begun harvesting, and volumes are growing quickly. Expect consistent supplies through the remainder of the summer, with pricing expected to improve.


Organic Grape, Cherry, and Rainbow Cherry Tomatoes from Lady Moon Farms are expected to start harvesting on the East Coast at the end of the month. Two layer Organic Vine Ripe Round Tomatoes are delayed, and are now expected to start at the end of July or early August. Organic Roma Tomatoes prices are increasing with an unexpected gap until product from Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania gets started. 

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