OPN Connect Newsletter 327 · July 6, 2023

How Do Customers Perceive Your Organic Produce Program?

Where is your organic produce business right now, and where do you want it to be? Is it growing, or just even with last year? 

How do people see your organic produce program, and how do you market your organic produce to consumers? To be sure, you must capture customer perception in a positive way, or your organic produce reputation could suffer.

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Everything done in the merchandising and marketing of organic produce sends a message to consumers. Conspicuous merchandising strategies will pop out to consumers in the produce department. However, their eyes are on more than just the organic items themselves. They most likely have prices in sight as well.

How do people see your organic produce program, and how do you market your organic produce to consumers?

Here are some ways to successfully market organic produce to consumers at retail:

  • Make buying organics easier. Give customers good access to the organic section—both on the refrigerated wall case and an off-shelf dry display. Keep the section clean and neat.
  • Offer promotions. Promote organics in the weekly ad flyer at lower prices to show customers a value savings. Including at least 2-3 organic items in the ad will accentuate lower prices and move more products at a higher velocity.

  • Employ top-notch merchandising. Use your best merchandising skills to always maintain a high standard of handiwork and artistry of displays. Visual merchandising will instantly catch shoppers’ eyes and draw them to an attractive display.
  • Diversify your supplier base. Obtaining a supply of several organic items has become a challenge. When organic items are difficult to procure from farms and shippers, retailers are left hanging. That’s when the organic section starts to lose its variety power and sends a ‘going out of business’ message to customers. Furthermore, it often initiates a negative customer perception about the produce department and company. Work jointly with a diverse number of growers and shippers to secure a wide variety of organic items for your customers.
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  • Prevent out-of-stocks. Keep displays well stocked for shoppers. A customer was overheard asking a produce worker for fresh organic kale in the produce department. The clerk informed her they didn’t receive any in the delivery. Organic out-of-stocks will disappoint customers, and they may choose to substitute conventional items for those that are or go elsewhere.
  • Make marketing work. You could spend wildly on all types of eccentric advertising, but the best marketing tool is your customers. Word-of-mouth marketing is the most effective way to reach others and spread your reputation. The best part is it doesn’t cost you a red cent. All you must do is cater to your customers. If you set a poor example, it will work in reverse.
Hiwassee February 2024
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