OPN Connect Newsletter 327 · July 6, 2023

Organic Market Update

Week 27, 2023


Stone Fruit

Now is a great time to promote Equitable Food Initiative certified stone fruit including Organic Yellow and White Peaches and Nectarines, as well as Red and Black PlumsOrganic Apricots will transition in the beginning of July from California to Washington and be in ample supply for the remainder of the month. Organic Red and Rainier Cherries continue to be promotable out of Washington. The fruit is outstanding in size and quality. Organic “Verry Cherry” Plums will be available the first week of July.

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Organic Mango Mania is upon us, as volumes are promotable and fruit quality is outstanding. There is a limited amount of Florida grown Organic Mangoes. The fruit is not hot-water treated and will be available in July in an 8-10ct pack size.


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 Organic Leaf and Romaine Lettuce from New Jersey and Pennsylvania are ending for the summer season. Organic Lettuce from New York and Vermont volumes increasing and coincide with the start of the Québec season. Organic Lettuce pricing will remain consistent throughout July with strong availability and quality. Organic Romaine Hearts and Organic Iceberg Lettuce volumes from California remain steady; however, prices have begun to increase as volumes decrease, which could drive further increases in prices.

Onions & Potatoes

Organic Onions are transitioning between El Centro and Firebaugh, California, at the beginning of July. Organic Sweet Onions from California are available in both Jumbo and bags. Pennsylvania Candy Sweet Onions are expected to start the week of July 10th. Organic Count Russet Potatoes remain extremely tight but expect California fields to come on with larger products early in the month.

Broccoli & Cauliflower

Organic Broccoli from California remains limited for the start of July; however, an improvement in volume is expected. East Coast options are winding down, with Canadian grown Organic Broccoli from Québec expected to start harvest in mid-July. Organic Broccoli Crown volume is improving; however, it will take a little longer than bunches to return to normal conditions. Organic Cauliflower supplies are expected to drop to start July, with prices to quickly increase following the Fourth of July. Organic Color Cauliflower from PA remains available but expect the season to wind down in early July.



Cal-Organic June 2024



Organic Watermelon prices have increased with a move into domestic harvests from California. The quality has been excellent, and volume should be steady through the month. Organic Mini Watermelon prices are higher, with both North Carolina and California production starting this month. Quality looks excellent, and supplies will be steady. Organic Melons are finishing up in the Southern California/El Centro region and transitioning to Central California, keeping pricing in line with no gaps in supply.


The New Zealand Organic Kiwi season is officially in full swing, with Organic Green Kiwi in both volume filled and clamshell options available. Look to pair these Organic Green Kiwi with promotable supplies of Organic Sungold Kiwi!


Organic Blackberry volumes out of California are plentiful and pricing promotable, as harvests are beginning to peak with excellent quality. New Jersey fruit is available as volume continues to increase. Organic Blueberry prices have eased off as more production comes in from New Jersey and West Coast growers. New Jersey volume remains plentiful, and quality has been excellent. California continues to harvest in good numbers, and the Pacific Northwest harvests are beginning in Oregon. Organic Strawberry prices are steady from California. Fruit continues to come out of Watsonville and Salinas area. Quality has been very nice overall, and supplies are steady.

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