OPN Connect Newsletter 325 · June 22, 2023

Top 5 Organic News to Help You Grow

1. Starr Ranch Growers' Krista Beckstead and Gilbert Orchards' Sean Gilbert Reflect on Power of Organic 

As the organic industry prepares to gather in Monterey, California, for the Organic Produce Summit (OPS), the team at Starr Ranch Growers is reflecting on the strategy, impetus, and incentive of this challenging way to farm.  Read More

2. Whole Foods Market Honors Ciruli Brothers with Supplier All-Star Award 

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On June 14, Whole Foods Market announced the beneficiaries of the All-Star Supplier Awards, honoring Ciruli Brothers among 15 supplier brands that are aligned with the retailer’s core values and “raise the industry bar for quality, innovation, value, and social responsibility,” according to a Whole Foods press release.  Read More

3. Kim Dietz and Gwendolyn Wyard Announce Launch of Strengthening Organic Systems Advisory Firm 

Word of a new venture has made its way across our industry as respected organic industry advisors Gwendolyn Wyard and Kim Dietz are coming together to launch a new business. The two industry experts have debuted Strengthening Organic Systems (SOS), an advisory firm focused entirely on organic fraud prevention, supply chain investigations, and compliance with the USDA's organic anti-fraud regulations.  Read More


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4. Kenyan Organic Enthusiast Has Been Making Wine from the Humble Banana 

An organic farming enthusiast in Kenya has been making wine from the humble banana. She described the drink as sweet—with a "sweet ripe banana aroma too and just in time for this bleak weather.”  Read More

5. Organic Greenhouse-Grown Strawberries Will Complement Field Category 

Earlier this year, an article was published about the expansion plans of Nature Fresh Farms into the organic greenhouse strawberry category in Ohio. The company is on track to begin planting this summer, with the first harvest occurring in the fall. The season will run from October until July, resulting in 10-month availability.  Read More

Hiwassee February 2024
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