OPN Connect Newsletter 324 · June 15, 2023

Top 5 Organic News to Help You Grow

1. Resources for Growers on the Strengthening Organic Enforcement Rule

While many components of the new Strengthening Organic Enforcement Rule (SOE) impact operations handling organic products, operations growing organic agricultural products will also experience changes. CCOF is building out resources to support our clients through the SOE implementation window.  Read More

2. Organic Apples from Lebanon Will Be Available Soon 

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Lebanese organic apple growers and exporters are gearing up for this year's campaign. According to Rudolph Elias, CEO of Agreen Organics, the campaign is shaping up to be satisfactory, and both quality and demand will be on the rendezvous.  Read More

3. Windset Farms Announces the Return of Living Organic Basil 

Living Organic Basil from Windset Farms is back and better than ever! The summer staple is making its return to Windset’s product line for the fifth year, boasting vibrant green leaves and strong aromatics and flavor that is 100% organically grown.  Read More


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4. California Produce Tests Safe for Pesticide Residues 

California’s annual survey of pesticide residue in fruits and vegetables showed again that much of what is sampled by regulators meets federal safety standards.  Read More

5. Organic Soil Amendments: Enhancing Vegetable Production & Soil Health in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is an island with a population of over 3 million people, but it produces less than 15% of the food it consumes. The Puerto Rican food system is particularly vulnerable because of adverse climate change effects, such as the increase of extreme weather events and the dependence on importation.  Read More

Hiwassee February 2024
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