OPN Connect Newsletter 320 · May 18, 2023

Organic Market Update

Week 20, 2023



Organic Melons production is ramping up out of Mexico, quality on this early crop is looking outstanding. Most of the Organic Cantaloupe volume will be on 9ct for mid-May, and 6ct for Organic HoneydewsOrganic Mini Seedless Watermelon supplies are steady, with quality out of Mexico excellent. Organic Seedless Watermelon availability is tightening up, as Mexico acreage is down significantly this season. The quality of what is available is very nice.

Cal Organic May 2024


Broccoli & Cauliflower

Organic Broccoli from the East Coast shows excellent volume in mid-May, with promotional opportunities as Memorial Day approaches. California production remains steady, but prices are elevated compared to the East Coast. While Organic Cauliflower production is rapidly improving, conditions are expected to be unstable throughout May and early June when more supplies become available.


Earthbound Farms May 2024


Stone Fruit

The first “Kylese” Organic Apricots are now available but expect prices to remain high until June. The first Organic Cherries out of California are delayed and expected to be available just prior to Memorial Day.


Driscolls May 2024

Organic Cluster, Beefsteak, Cocktail, and Cherry-on-the-Vine Tomatoes are in steady supply and excellent quality for May. Organic Cherry and Rainbow Cherry Tomatoes from Florida are finished for the year with transition to GA crop ongoing. Organic Roma Tomato prices are expected to increase slightly on outstanding quality and steady availability out of Mexico.


Organic Gala and Granny Smith Apples out of Washington have become limited, especially large sizes, while first arrivals out of Chile and Argentina are expected in mid-May to fill the gap. Organic Honeycrisp Apples are limited and prices higher.



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Excellent quality Organic Asparagus is coming out of California, Washington, and New Jersey. Organic Asparagus fields in Mexico have transitioned and new fields have shown some promising quality.


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Organic Blueberries are steady with promotable volume available. California fruit is coming on, as well as Georgia. Quality has been excellent in all growing areas. Organic Strawberry prices remain fairly promotable as Baja and California regions are producing good numbers. Baja should begin finishing soon, but California will remain promotable. Organic Blackberry prices continue to come down as supplies ramp up out of Mexico. The California season is just beginning, and supplies are slowly coming along, with quality rated as excellent. Organic Raspberries will remain tight, as the California season is late after the heavy rains of this spring, and other growing areas remain short. Quality has been nice with really big fruit, but pro-rates and limits continue.

Lettuce & Greens

New Jersey and Pennsylvania Organic Leaf and Romaine Lettuces are beginning as the Georgia season concludes. Organic Romaine Hearts and Iceberg Lettuce are in good availability out of California and Georgia. Organic Baby Bok Choy is now being sourced from Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Quality is excellent and supplies are steady.

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