OPN Connect Newsletter 319 · May 11, 2023

Organic Market Update

Week 19, 2023



Organic Mini Watermelons from Mexico show steady supplies and fair prices, with excellent quality on the new crops. Organic Seedless Watermelons have started production out of Mexico and continue to increase in supplies. The quality of the first arrivals was excellent, with great sugar. Organic Cantaloupe and Honeydew are back in season, with a new crop fruit arriving from Mexico.

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Organic Celery supply has become extremely limited, and quality has been subpar. Unfortunately, increased cost, limited volume, and inferior quality will plague the Celery market throughout May. Organic Celery Hearts have become limited. Expect limited availability and potential gaps in supply through the month.


Vitalis June 2024



California Organic Navels will remain available until the end of May, with larger sizes prevailing. Organic Blood Oranges continue in season with the late “Sanguinelli” variety. Organic Cara Cara’s will finish for the season by mid-May. Organic Lime pricing continues to ease slowly, and sizing should improve in June. Organic Meyer Lemons have finished for the season. Organic Grapefruit pricing has gone up again, with limited supplies and sporadic gaps.

Broccoli & Cabbage

Organic Broccoli availability has improved in May as supply volume from the East Coast has increased. California production remains limited and more expensive than East Coast products. Expect strong volume and promotional opportunities from North Carolina in mid-May. Organic Cabbage production will begin to make its way up the East Coast throughout the month. As Florida concludes, North Carolina will begin, and the Pennsylvania season will begin in late May or early June. Improved Organic Napa Cabbage supplies should result in steady availability in May.

Stone Fruit

The first Organic Apricots and Organic Cherries should arrive towards the end of May. Once they get ramped up, good supplies are expected during June and should overlap with the Washington season.



Cal-Organic June 2024



Organic Strawberry prices are becoming very promotable, with Baja fruit being harvested, and California production increasing every week. Quality has been excellent, as supplies continue to increase. Organic Blueberry pricing continues to be promotable out of Georgia. Quality has been exceptional, and harvests are flush. Organic Blackberry pricing remains steady, with light demand, and steady supplies. Expect Mexico’s production to finish around the end of May, depending on temperatures in the growing region. Organic Raspberry pricing will continue to be tight, as California production has started, but supplies continue to be limited. Quality is nice but expect pro-rates.


Organic Vidalia Sweet Onions from Georgia are in peak season. The quality has been excellent so far on this saucer-shaped, low-pungency, high-sugar variety. Through May, a new crop of El Centro, California grown “short-day” Organic Onions including Red, White, and Yellow Onions will get started. These “short-day” Organic Onions will be shipping through May and will bridge the gap between the Nevada and Firebaugh growing regions.


Organic Cluster Tomatoes are promotable, as Organic Grape Tomatoes from FL ended due to quality issues caused by weather and growing conditions. Supplies will be steady from other areas during this gap. Organic Cherry and Rainbow Cherry Tomatoes are finished for the season in Florida. East coast growers will transition to Georgia production in early May, with additional supplies coming from out west. Organic Roma Tomato prices are expected to increase slightly in the middle of May. Quality is outstanding, and availability will be steady.

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