OPN Connect Newsletter 316 · April 20, 2023

Organic Market Update

Week 16, 2023


West Coast Greens

Organic Romaine Hearts and Iceberg Lettuce from California are available at elevated prices. Cost increases, product limitations, and subpar quality are to be expected at this time on supplies from California. Organic Romaine, Green Leaf, and Red Leaf Lettuce supplies are also tight in California, while East Coast availability remains steady.

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Organic Mini and Seedless Watermelons production continues to be delayed out of Mexico. Harvests were expected to begin in late April, but growers are waiting for the fruit to mature and develop the necessary sugar content. Good supplies should be available in early May, but until then, very limited offerings are available.


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East Coast Greens

Cooking and juicing Organic Greens are transitioning from Florida to new Georgia fields for spring. Supplies are abundant on Organic Kales and Collards, and volume is building on Organic Bok Choy. Organic Baby Bok Choy is expected to be abundant for the rest of the month, with promotional opportunities available. Organic Red Baby Bok Choy is also now in season from Georgia, and good volumes of new crop Organic Romaine, Green Leaf, and Red Leaf Lettuce should be available during transition from Florida. Expect steady availability and excellent quality on East Coast Organic LettucesOrganic Romaine Hearts from Georgia will begin production this week, with quality expected to be outstanding and a great supplement to California’s shaky spring supply.

Papayas & Pineapples

Supplies are slowly rebounding on Fair Trade Organic Royal Star Papayas from Mexico. Fruit will be sizing larger than normal and quality has been excellent. Organic Pineapple supplies from Costa Rica have steady, and quality has been excellent. Fruit should be in good supply for the rest of April.

Broccoli & Cauliflower

Organic Broccoli and Cauliflower from California are becoming increasingly limited during the transition from the Imperial Valley to the Salinas Valley. Inclement weather from rain and cold temperatures have created low yields. Expect increased costs, limited availability, and inconsistent quality. North Carolina grown Organic Broccoli will be available in late April and a nice option for shortages from West Coast growers.



Cal-Organic June 2024



Organic Blackberry prices remain high as supply is limited and demand is strong. The Mexican season is beginning to finish production, and harvest volume will start to dwindle. Organic Blueberries are extremely tight, and prices are very high due to lack of supply. The California season has been delayed and there's not much production elsewhere. Georgia, Florida, and North Carolina will start around the end of the month and by early May prices should start to ease down with better availability. Organic Raspberries remain short overall, as central Mexico and Baja, Mexico production is limited. Demand remains strong as orders continue to be prorated. Organic Strawberry supplies are still short, while demand remains strong. Some California growers will be starting their Santa Maria season which will help with supplies. Quality should be excellent on this new fruit.


Organic Red, Orange, and Yellow Bell Peppers are in a transition as Israeli grown supply has finished for the season and Mexican grown supply is ending. New crop Canadian Organic Peppers are set to begin harvesting this week followed by Holland grown product in May. Organic Green Peppers remain in limited availability out of Mexico and will show inconsistent volume through the month.

Avocados & Mangos

Organic Hass Avocado pricing is overall firm. 48ct fruit availability will be strong for the rest of the month, while 60ct fruit has been more limited. Equal Exchange Fair Trade 48 count will be in promotable supply. Now is a good time to promote Organic Ataulfo Honey Mangos, as Mexican Organic Round Mangos will remain very tight through April.

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