OPN Connect Newsletter 303 · January 19, 2023

Organic Market Update

Week 3, 2023


Broccoli & Cauliflower

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Affordable price points are back on two key organic vegetables as Organic Broccoli and Cauliflower harvest yields are increasing during January. The additional volume allows for more promotable price points from the desert growing regions of El Centro, CA and Yuma, AZ. Organic Sweet Baby Broccoli is in good supply with excellent quality.


Organic Blueberries remain steady despite Chilean vessels delayed a few days. Most supplies are coming out of Peru still, but Chilean fruit will be available shortly. Expect very promotable prices on Organic Blueberries for the end of January, while Organic Blackberry prices will continue to be fairly promotable out of Mexico. Quality has been very nice, and plants continue to produce good yields. Organic Raspberry prices will remain extremely expensive. Baja fruit has started in a light way as Central Mexico continues to experience very limited supplies. Expect to see pro-rates and high prices until late January. Organic Strawberry prices will remain high with limited supplies. Border crossing issues and cooler temps are impacting supplies.  Florida is getting light availability and Baja is still a few weeks away from harvests. Expect pro-rates and limits through January.

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Organic Lettuce continues to experience increased volume and lower prices. On the east coast, Organic Lettuce lettuce is being harvested in Punta Gorda, Florida, including Organic Green Leaf, Red Leaf, and Romaine Lettuce. Production and quality will remain strong through January. Yuma, AZ and El Centro, CA growing regions also show strong supply on all Organic Lettuce items, including Organic Iceberg and Romaine HeartsOrganic Romaine Hearts will be promotable for the remainder of January.


Rain is impacting organic Citrus volumes. While Organic Navel Oranges are still in decent supply, particularly on small sizes and bags, Organic Mandarins, Blood Oranges, and Cara Cara Oranges will be in and out of stock through January. Organic Lemons and Grapefruit are also in season with nice quality, but tight supply due to rain.



Cal-Organic June 2024


Fair Trade Organic Mix Heirloom and “Darkloom” Tomatoes will soon start out of Mexico. Organic Grape Tomato prices have eased and are expected to remain steady. Both Mexico and Florida are seeing warmer temperatures and volume is picking up quickly. Florida will have strong volume heading into February


Organic Color Bell Peppers from Mexico have begun to harvest strong volumes, with promotional opportunities will be available on all three colors. Organic Color Bell Peppers from Israel remain available, but at an elevated price due to the cost incurred by airfreight. Organic Mini Mix Sweet Peppers have improved availability, with clamshells available from Florida.



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Promotional opportunities on 64ct and larger sizes of Organic Fuji and Honeycrisp Apples are available through January. Organic Envy, Cosmic Crisp, Opal, and SugarBee Apples are the promotable premium varieties through the end of the month.


Organic Hass Avocados continue to be in peak season with excellent supply. Larger size fruit is more plentiful as popular 60ct fruit yields have been down slightly. Promotable opportunities on Equal Exchange Fair Trade Organic Hass Avocados should be available the next several weeks. Organic Kent Mangos are available from Peru, with steady volumes over the next few weeks. Organic Fair Trade Royal Star Papayas are in good supply for January. Organic Pineapple supplies from Costa Rica will increase later this month. Organic Feijoa, Passion Fruit, and Kiwano Melons will all be available from California.

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