OPN Connect Newsletter 296 · November 24, 2022

Organic Market Update

Week 47, 2022


Navel Season

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The 2022 fall crop of California Organic Navel Oranges is now available, and the outlook is for plentiful supplies this winter. Organic Navel Oranges are in excellent supply as growers transition from the “Fukumoto” to the “Beck” variety. All sizes and bags will be available, including some jumbo fruit. Bags will become more promotable throughout the season as growers expect to have plenty of 88sz and 113sz to pack. On specialty varieties, new crop Organic Cara Cara and Blood Oranges will start next month.

Specialty Citrus

New crop Organic Specialty Citrus items available for late November include OG Buddha Hand, OG Pink Variegated Lemons, OG Limequats, OG Sweet Palestinian Limes, and OG Satsuma Mandarins. Organic Mandarins are coming back into season, with a new crop of California Organic Satsuma and Clementine Mandarins in both bulk and bagged options now available. The first of the season Mexican Organic Juice Oranges will arrive in late November.

Vitalis April 2024


Organic Brown Coconuts will be available soon from Mexico in a 20ct box. Each coconut will be wrapped in a band-type UPC label to denote its organic status. Organic Hass Avocados from Mexico continue to be in great supply, and pricing remains promotable. Organic Tommy Atkins Mangos from Ecuador are available despite limited supplies and high prices. Organic Feijoa, Passion Fruit, and Kiwano Melons will all be available in limited supplies from CA shortly while Organic Yellow Pitahaya Dragon Fruit from Ecuador is now available.


Organic Asparagus prices are expected to decline heading into December. Quality has been good. Supplies will be transitioning away from Argentina product to Mexico.



Homegrown Organic Farms April 2024


Organic Grape Tomatoes are being sourced from Mexico and Canada with limited availability from FL until the end of December or early January. Quality has been excellent, and pricing is expected to remain steady. Organic Beefsteak and Cluster Tomato prices and supplies are expected to remain steady. Quality has been excellent, and availability is plentiful.


The Organic Lettuce category continues to face difficulties especially on Organic Romaine Hearts and Iceberg Lettuce. Weather, quality, production, field disease, and transitions in growing regions have all contributed to all-time high prices and fill rate challenges. Production from the West Coast remains almost non-existent with hopes of beginning new crop desert region fields during early December. New crop FL Organic Leaf and Romaine Lettuces are expected to begin immediately following Thanksgiving and could provide consistent supply and excellent quality. As December approaches, conditions are expected to gradually improve as FL and El Centro, CA, and Yuma, AZ seasons will start.



Creekside Organics April 2024

Potatoes & Sweets

Pricing on all Organic Sweet Potatoes items will be steady through the end of the year. Quality right now is outstanding on all packs and sizes—particularly on the Canadian and California Organic Red and Gold Potatoes.

Hard Squash

Organic Spaghetti Squash has made the switch to the new Mexican crop, with higher prices. Organic Kabocha and Delicata will be back in supply after a short gap in availability between old crop and new crop regions.


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Look for new crop “kid-sized” RockIt Apples to be available this week. Organic Kanzi, Pinata, and Pink Lady Apples are now available, and a handful of Organic Gold Delicious Apples are also in good supply. Organic Apples are taking more planning to coordinate and load with grower shippers in Washington at this point in the season as much of the fruit is now locked in controlled atmosphere storage and packed to order. This winter, the promo opportunities are likely to be on jumbo sizes, small sizes, and lower grades.

Broccoli & Cauliflower

Organic Broccoli is in decent supply with a combination of NC and CA grown product available. The Salinas season is ending, and the desert season will begin in El Centro, CA and Yuma, AZ. Transition periods are traditionally difficult as suppliers often face limitations or gaps in production. Fortunately, NC continues to have strong supply and quality through November. Organic Cauliflower is very limited from CA and prices are extremely high. A limited supply of NC Organic Cauliflower will be available in late November. As December begins, growing regions in the southern desert should provide relief to these challenging prices.

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