OPN Connect Newsletter 292 · October 27, 2022

Organic Market Update

Week 43, 2022



Cal Organic May 2024

Organic Blueberry prices from Peru and Mexico continue to be reasonable, on exceptional quality and abundant supplies. As Mexican production increases, the price of Organic Blackberries will fall back to more attractive price points in early November. The quality has been exceptional. At the start  of November, the cost of Organic Raspberries will begin to rise sharply as production will decrease drastically.  Overall  quality from Mexico has been good. The price of Organic Strawberries continues to rise, while supply remains limited. As California’s harvests remain meager, the majority of fruit is sourced from Mexico. Expect prices to remain high and production to remain low at least through November.

Soup & Root Season

As temperatures fall, consumers will transition to a mindset of soups, stews, and roasting. Bulk packs of organic root vegetables are available on: Organic Gold and Chioggia Beets; Burdock Root, Celeriac (aka Celery Root); Beauty Heart, Black Spanish, and Watermelon Radishes; Scarlet Turnips; Purple and White Daikon Radish. The staple roots that are consistently available include bulk Organic Red Beets, Parsnips, Rutabagas, and Turnips. For convenient grab-and-go options, Organic Soup Mix (mix of whole roots and herbs) and Burdock Root are UPC packaged.

Earthbound Farms May 2024


Organic Cocktail Tomatoes and Cherry Tomatoes On-The-Vine are in season and available bulk with a PLU tag and packaged with UPC. With consistent shipments, the price of greenhouse Organic Beef Steak Tomatoes and Tomato Clusters should remain stable. As November approaches, the quality has been exceptional. Organic Grape Tomatoes are being sourced from Mexico and Canada until the end of December, when they will become available from Florida. Organic Snacking Tomatoes from FL will be gapping until new plantings begin to yield closer to the winter holidays. Organic Roma Tomatoes and Field Round Tomatoes are in very short supply.

Driscolls May 2024


The new crop of Organic Ambrosia, Envy, Opal, and SugarBee Apples from the Pacific Northwest are now in season. These premium varieties feature a unique eating experience and have excellent consumer branding. Organic Sugarbee Apples have sold phenomenally well for natural food stores and independent retailers the past two seasons and another strong year is expected. Organic Pink Lady Apples will be out of season until new crop starts in mid to late November. Organic Red Delicious Apples have been pulled from many orchards and are virtually unavailable this season.



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Green Beans

Upcoming supplies of green beans will be sourced from Florida, Georgia, or Mexico in November but these regions are not fully ready yet. Expect supply gaps and high pricing to start November. Organic French Beans volume is currently down over 50 percent and supplies will be very low this Fall.

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Cranberries & Pomegranates

Organic Cranberries are now in peak season and available in 24/12 oz packs. Organic Pomegranates are also in season from California. Domestic Organic Pomegranate Arils will be available until the end of the year.




October was a very challenging month for Organic Broccoli, with subpar quality, low availability, and high prices. Heading into November conditions are beginning to improve, as prices will be higher than normal, but quality and volume are expected to be better. To supplement the California product, small amounts of late season product are coming from Quebec, and new crop is beginning to ramp up in North Carolina.


Following a challenging time earlier in the month, Organic Cauliflower in California is in steady supply and more affordable. Quebec-grown Organic Cauliflower is still available, albeit in limited quantities, as the season draws to a close. Organic Cauliflower grown in Pennsylvania will be available in limited quantities between late October and early November.


Organic Cucumber and Zucchini supplies from Punta Gorda, Florida have gradually improved, and quality has remained top-notch. North Carolina growers continue to have strong supplies of Organic Cucumbers, and limited supplies of Zucchini and Yellow Squash. Mexican suppliers of Organic Cucumbers, Zucchini, and Yellow Squash have begun their season with strong volume and aggressive pricing.


Organic Grapefruit from California remains very firm and small in size. Expect an improvement around the middle to end of November. California and Mexico continue to increase production of Organic Lemons in smaller sizes, presenting promotional opportunities. Within the first two weeks of November, Organic Valencias will be replaced by Organic Navel Oranges.

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