OPN Connect Newsletter 248 · December 16, 2021

Organic Market Update

Week 50, 2021


Winter Apple Outlook 

Cal Organic May 2024

The Organic Apple crop is looking good with most standard varieties having steady availability for winter selling. Two factors are keeping prices elevated compared to prior years. First, cross-country freight is very expensive and truck availability out of the Pacific Northwest is limited for December. Second, shippers are packing the apples to order on a longer lead time due to labor constraints. Promotable varieties for December include: OG SugarBee, OG Cosmic Crisp, OG SweeTango (ending), OG Ambrosia, and OG Autumn Glory. Promotable varieties for January are: OG Opal, OG Envy, and OG Cosmic Crisp. Most organic growers have reduced or eliminated their acreage of Organic Red and Gold Delicious, as well as Organic Braeburn Apples.


Organic Blueberries continue in excellent supply out of Argentina and Peru, and by the first of the year Chile and Mexico will join the mix with plenty of promotional opportunities available. Organic Strawberries continue to be limited through the holidays, as significant rain in California this week, will stop harvests. Expect Organic Strawberry volumes to really ramp up in early January when new growing regions begin, which should result in more normal pricing and improved quality.

Earthbound Farms May 2024

Sweet Peppers

Organic Mini Sweet Peppers from Mexico will be available through mid-December in 12/1lb pouch bags. Organic Color Bell Peppers from Israel continue to have strong supplies and steady pricing. The challenge remains airfreight, as decreased air space has created increased costs and some issues for on-time arrivals.  Mexican Organic Color Bell Pepper supplies will remain minimal until late December.

Driscolls May 2024


Organic Grape Tomatoes from Florida continue to be promotable for mid-December. Quality has been excellent. Supplies will be steady into mid-December, and continue into the holiday season. Organic Cherry Tomatoes continue to be prorated for mid-December from Florida, while Organic Rainbow Cherry Tomatoes will be available in mid-December. Organic Beefsteak Tomatoes continue to be available with steady supplies and good quality from Canada and Mexico. Organic Cluster Tomatoes are promotable as growers from Mexico and Canada continue to harvest strong supplies. Organic Roma Tomato prices will start to ease off a bit as Mexico has started production.



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Just when the Organic Navel Orange season was beginning to ramp up in volume and size, rain this week will slow harvesting and make oranges and other California citrus limited before Christmas. Pre-rain fruit including Organic Mandarins, Blood Oranges, and Cara Cara Oranges have looked exceptional. Organic Minneola Tangelos will be starting next week.

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Organic Broccoli has transitioned south to the growing regions of SoCal and Yuma, AZ. Quality is improving, and supplies are expected to remain steady heading into the holiday season. Organic Sweet Baby Broccoli continues to have strong supplies, but customer demand is strong, driving the price up. Organic Broccoli Rabe pricing has increased due to lighter yields and stronger demand.



Warm Veg

Organic Eggplant and Green Bell Pepper supplies from Florida remain available but colder temperatures have slowed growth. Mexican Organic Eggplant and Green Bell Pepper harvests are underway, and supplies will continue to strengthen throughout the month. Expect Mexican supplies to offset decreased Florida volumes by next week.


Organic Zucchini Squash from Florida remains available, but volumes have declined due to colder temperatures. Expect quality to remain excellent, on limited supplies. Mexican Organic Zucchini and Yellow Squash continue to have flush supplies, with outstanding quality and promotable pricing.


Organic Hass Avocado supplies continue to be steady, with smaller fruit starting to tighten approaching the middle of the month. Organic Fair-Trade Avocados from Mexico are in steady supply. Overall, the Organic Mango market is tight. Organic Royal Star Papayas from Mexico are promotable with steady supply of fruit. The fruit may exhibit some sunspots, which do not affect the condition, and in many cases makes for a sweeter piece of fruit.

Sweet Potatoes

Premium Organic Sweet Potatoes from California are a great item to promote for the upcoming holiday with plentiful supply, fantastic quality, and steady pricing projected through the end of the year

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