OPN Connect Newsletter 238 · October 7, 2021

Top 5 Organic News to Help You Grow

1. Organic Food Advocates Seek Reversal of Decision Authorizing Labeling of Hydroponic Operations as "Organic"

This week, Center for Food Safety (CFS), representing a broad coalition of organic farmers, certifiers, and organic nonprofits, filed their opening brief with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, seeking reversal of a district court's ruling issued in March that authorizes the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) to continue certifying soilless hydroponic operations under the organic label.    Read More

2. Starr Ranch Icon Scott Marboe Retires

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This October marks not only the start of Starr Ranch Growers' harvest season but also brings the announcement of the retirement of longtime Director of Marketing Scott Marboe. For 35 years, Marboe has been an intricate part of the team that helped steer Starr Ranch into the company it is today.  Read More

3. Grant Takes on Organic Challenges with Third-Party Certifications

Although all food producers are subject to food safety rules, organic farmers face unique challenges in trying to also work out incongruities between National Organic Program standards and third-party food safety requirements. For instance, organic farmers must support biodiversity, yet some food safety organizations pressure them to limit habitat and wildlife on or near their farms despite a lack of evidence connecting food safety and biodiversity.     Read More


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4. Organic Fresh Fruit and Herbs with Complete Transparency

Organto is a fast-growing global provider of fresh organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs. As healthy eating trends (including sustainable organic foods) continue to grow worldwide, Organto is well-positioned in these fast-growing markets. Together with its strategic growers and supply chain partners, Organto controls and monitors each step in the supply chain, delivering quality products with complete transparency.    Read More

5. Ag Plastics Innovation Challenge

Inspired by a passion for innovation and a commitment to minimize the impact of plastics in berry production, Driscoll's Berries has partnered with Think Beyond's Innovation Center and other industry partners to launch the Ag Plastics Innovation Challenge and redefine the future of ag plastics.     Read More

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