OPN Connect Newsletter 236 · September 23, 2021

Organic Market Update

Week 38, 2021



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East Coast Organic Green and Red Cabbage continues to see steady availability, with Organic Savoy Cabbage available from Vermont.  Organic Napa Cabbage will see better supplies in late September from California.


Organic Pomegranates from California are now available in steady supply, with larger fruit to become available as the season progresses. Look for 30-36ct 2-layer packs to start.

Vitalis June 2024


Organic Romaine Hearts from California have seen price increases this month, but supplies have been consistently steady, and quality remains strong. Expect sales to increase on Organic Romaine Hearts with the limitations on other Organic Lettuces.  Organic Leaf, Iceberg, and Romaine Lettuces are extremely limited in various growing regions. New York supplies are still suffering the effects of Hurricane Ida’s rain, Québec has experienced extremely warm weather, and California is suffering from warm weather and bug pressure. Combined, these issues are causing major limitations in the market, as well as extreme price increases. With limited supplies, there will be gaps during late September, with Québec shipper’s hopeful they can resume harvest in late September.


California Organic Asian Pears are in good supply, and Organic Bartlett Pears have transitioned to Washington. Excellent quality and supplies are expected with prices dropping on increased availability. Organic Bosc Pear supplies will be a little bumpy through late September, with the transition from California to Washington. Excellent supplies will be available out of Washington in October, resulting in lower pricing. Organic Red Pears from Washington are in excellent supply.



Cal-Organic June 2024


Organic Green, Red, and Black Seedless Grapes are in excellent supply and Organic Thompson Biodynamic Grapes will be available sporadically for the rest of September. Organic Black Muscadine Grapes are in season from the Carolinas. Organic Thomcord Grapes are in good supply.

Sweet Potatoes

Now is a great time to start thinking about fall Organic Sweet Potato opportunities.  All varieties are new crop out of California and in plentiful supply, including bulk 40lb with PLU stickers of Organic Garnet, Jewel, Oriental, Stokes Purple, and Hanna Sweet varieties.  Value-added options, such as the 10/3lb Organic Garnet Bags, 12/2ct Microwavable Jewel Trays, 48ct Wrapped Jewels, and the 18/1lb Baby Mix Trays. Are also available to fill out fall displays!


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New crop Washington Organic Honeycrisp Apples are in good supply with pricing at expected levels.  Organic SweeTango Apples are in peak season, and this premium variety, with Honeycrisp parentage, is a flavor and texture-lovers treat during September and October. New crop Organic Gala Apples are in excellent supply with promotional opportunities available. The 2020 storage season of New Zealand and Washington Organic Fuji and Granny Smith Apples will finish up and will transition to new crop 2021 Washington fruit later this month.  Expect higher Prices on the new crop.


Rain continues to play a factor in Organic Hass Avocado supplies from Mexico, with 48ct and larger count in very high demand. Pricing is expected to stay higher through the end of September when the new Aventajada crop should start to get going. The Mexican Flor Loca crop is winding down and yielded virtually no large-sized fruit this year. Organic Mangos will be winding down in late September from Mexico, with fruit from Ecuador available in mid-October. Organic Pineapple will be steady through September, with 6ct and 8ct pineapples readily available. Organic Red/Magenta Flesh Dragon Fruit are also available, with steady supplies going forward.


Organic Orange, Red, and Yellow Bell Peppers from Canada continue to see strong supplies. Organic Mini Peppers from Mexico are available with promotable pricing as supplies increase.

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