OPN Connect Newsletter 233 · September 2, 2021

Organic Market Update

Week 35, 2021



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It’s time to promote Organic Grapes from California, as it’s the start of some of the best flavor and texture varieties of the season, with prices that are reasonable. Varieties for September: Organic Green Seedless (Sweet Globe, Ivory, Great Green, and Timpson). Organic Red Seedless (Scarlett Royal, Timco, and Krissy). Organic Black Seedless. Organic Thomcord.


Organic Broccoli supplies from California have slightly improved for late August. Additionally, Quebec supplies are available again, creating some extra product and the settling of prices. Growing conditions in CA will limit supplies and produce less than ideal quality. Organic Broccoli Crowns remain limited, but much like bunches, the return of Quebec product has helped availability and slowed rising prices. Organic Cauliflower production from CA continues to be limited, causing gaps from some suppliers and less overall availability. However, Quebec supplies have created some relief.

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Organic Shallots and Okra are available from California. Organic Red/Magenta Flesh Dragon Fruit has started some very early production, with some outstanding quality product from the East Coast expected in early September. Organic Lemongrass will be available from Florida the beginning of September. Organic Black Mission Figs continue in season from California. Organic Pomegranate production from California is a few weeks away. Organic Kiwi Berries from Oregon will be available the second week of September


Organic Lemon supplies are ramping up and prices are starting to come off with strong production of fruit from Chile, Mexico, and California, in both bulk and bags.



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Organic Carrots are expected to be limited in supply for most of September, when the fall crops start. Expect occasional out-of-stocks on some of the value-added items, with bags and jumbos less abundant than usual.


Organic Celery and Celery Hearts will be in strong supply through early September with good volume and great pricing, large displays will encourage additional sales.


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New crop Washington Organic Gala and Honeycrisp Apples are now in good, steady supply. Heading into September is a good time to expand bulk and bag displays on these top sellers. The first Organic SweeTango Apples of the 2021 season are slated to arrive around Labor Day. During September and October, this variety has been very popular with flavor and texture lovers. Late season New Zealand Organic Apples are providing more Organic Braeburn, Diva, and New Zealand Queen Apples, to fill a little gap before California and Washington production ramps up. Organic Pink Pearl Apples were also expected, but quality and growing challenges this season have hurt production.


Organic Beefsteak Tomatoes from Ohio will be promotable for the beginning of September. Quality has been outstanding. Organic Grape, Cherry, and Rainbow Cherry Tomatoes continue in season out of PA for the beginning of September. Organic Heirloom Tomatoes will also be available from local PA growers, with quality rated as excellent. Also from PA, Organic Vine Ripe Tomatoes continue to be available in September. Organic Cluster Tomatoes out of Canada remain steady heading into September. Overall, low demand has kept prices steady, and quality has been nice.


Organic Romaine and Leaf Lettuce supplies will be tight for the beginning of September from Quebec. Extremely hot temperatures have stalled harvests. Supplementary supplies from both New York and California will be available. Organic Romaine Hearts and Iceberg Lettuce continue from both California and Quebec at promotable pricing. As the month continues, Organic Romaine Hearts supplies will begin to tighten up as harvests are expected to slow down.


Organic Mini Watermelon prices continue to be steady, with quality coming from California rated as excellent. Supplies look to remain steady heading into September. Organic Watermelons continue in season from PA on excellent quality.

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