OPN Connect Newsletter 231 · August 19, 2021

Organic Market Update

Week 33, 2021



Cal Organic May 2024

The 2021 USA fresh crop Organic Apple season is about to begin! The overall outlook in Washington is that while it will be a good volume crop, due to high temperatures during much of the summer, the sizing profile will lean to smaller apples. This means plenty of promo opportunities on 100ct and smaller bulk fruit, along with bags and pouches. Organic Gala Apple 2020 storage crop and import supplies are wrapping up for the season and volumes will smoothly transition into the new crop of early Galas out of California and Washington. Organic Honeycrisp will clean up on the storage fruit and imports this week, in time for the fresh crop Washington Organic Honeycrisp Apples, slated to arrive next week. Organic SweeTango Apples should be in stock and ready to promote ahead of Labor Day. Oregon has begun shipping their first of the season Gravenstein variety, with Organic Pink Pearls and Ribston Apples due the first week of September. Imported Organic Apples from New Zealand include Organic Diva Apples, which will sell out by next week. Organic Fuji Apples will continue to be available through early September, and Organic Pink Lady/Cripps Pink are on the limited side but should continue into September. Import Organic Granny Smith Apples are dwindling quickly and may sell out before new crop Washington starts in late September.


Organic Color Bell Peppers supplies from Canada are bountiful, with Improved aggressive pricing and superb quality perfect for an August promotion. Group Red, Yellow and Orange Peppers together on display at mix and match pricing to drive additional sales. Pennsylvania Organic Green Peppers remain plentiful in volume with excellent quality. Add a little spice to displays by including PA Organic Jalapeños. Organic Mini Sweet Peppers in 8/1pt clamshells are selling well. Organic Chili Pepper varieties are in season from growers in NJ and PA.

Earthbound Farms May 2024


Organic Hass Avocados have tightened considerably, with prices climbing fast. Rain and low maturity levels in the fruit have delayed harvests in Mexico’s summer growing region. California volumes are not large enough to keep the price stable. 48ct and larger fruit is very tight, with 60ct and smaller fruit steadier.

Driscolls May 2024


Organic Romaine and Leaf Lettuce production from Quebec remains consistent, with strong supplies and quality.  Supplementary supplies from both New York and California are also available. Organic Romaine Hearts and Organic Iceberg continue decent supplies from both California and Quebec at promotable pricing. As the month continues, Romaine Hearts are expected to increase in price.



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Organic Peaches and Nectarines continue in peak season with great flavor and quality from California and Washington.  Late crop Organic Dark Sweet Cherries are expected to sell out this month. Organic Black and Red Plums, as well as new Dapple Dandy Pluots, are in good supply.

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Specialty Fruit

Now is the best time of the year to promote peak season Organic Black Mission Figs from California. Popular Florida grown organic specialties that are back in stock include Organic Starfruit/Carambola, Longan Fruit, and Green Skin Avocados.


Organic Zucchini continues in peak production for August, with volumes, pricing and superb quality expected to remain consistent through August. Organic Yellow Squash is limited from all growing regions. However, Organic Gold Bar Zucchini is available to supplement the lack of Yellow Squash supply.


Organic Mangos are coming from portions of Mexico that have been determined as “Fruit Fly Free Zones” and do not require a hot water dip before entering the United States. This enables growers to leave fruit on the tree just a little longer to capture full flavor and ripeness! 10/12ct sizing has tightened as larger 6-9ct fruit proves to be more prevalent as the season wanes. Organic Ataulfo Honey Mangos will be done in the middle to end of August from Mexico.

Russet Potatoes

The first arrival of new crop Organic Russet Potatoes is expected this week from Washington state. Price will increase with the start of new crop, with quality expected to be very nice. Smaller Organic Russet Potatoes, suitable for bagging, are plentiful on excellent quality.

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