OPN Connect Newsletter 131 · September 5, 2019

Top 5- Organic News to Help You Grow

1. Study Finds Farm-Level Food Waste Worse Than Previously Thought

Last Year, Cannon Michael left over 100 acres of ripe cantaloupes unharvested. The sixth generation grower could not justify paying workers to pick them all because the cost of labor, packing, and shipping would have been more than the price he could get for the fruit.

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Stemilt October 2021

2. Regenerative Agriculture: 25 Things to Know Now

“Regenerative Agriculture” is a new buzz phrase- but those treating it as just another passing trend are seriously miscalculating. It’s not just a marketing term-it’s a movement, and experts stress that it’s one we all need to get behind.

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3. Primordia Announces Launch of Organic California Hemp Operation

Wish Farms October 2021

Primordia LLC announced its official launch into the rapidly growing industrial hemp ad CBD market with over 10,000 acres of legacy farmland and infrastructure ideal for hemp cultivation in the Imperial Valley.

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4. North Bay Produce Focused on Sustainability

North Bay Produce, Inc. is a grower-owned, globally operated cooperative based out of Traverse City, Michigan. North Bay is making efforts to reduce plastic waste while bringing consumers the freshest products available. Purchasing compostable packaging equipment will help reduce the amount of plastic used for traditional clam shells by up to 34 percent. The equipment will package blueberries in biodegradable trays and seal the top with a single translucent cover. The cover will also re-seal after opening for storage.

Starr October 2021

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5. Proven Botanical IGR Provides Powerful Control of Over 300 Insects

Growers have a new naturally derived addition to their pest control toolbox-AzaPro provides 3-in-1 control of more than 300 different insects, mites and nematodes without leaving visible residue on crops.

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Chelan October 2021
Growers Ice Co October 2021

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