OPN Connect Newsletter 104 · February 28, 2019

Top 5 - Organic News to Help You Grow

1. Del Rey Avocado Expands Southern California Operations

The decision to purchase a new facility in Southern California follows in the footsteps of the company’s expansion when Del Rey Avocado purchased their new facility in Vineland, New Jersey back in January 2017, and then had to double its capacity thanks in large part to increased avocado consumption and outstanding customer relationships.

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NatureSafe September 2023

2. Aguiar-Curry Bill Seeks to Bring Organic Food to Schools

Organic food is no longer just a dietary fad. It is now available at just about every grocery store, and if a bill by Assemblywoman Cecilia Aguiar-Curry, D-Solano, passes, it will be available in school lunches too. Aguiar-Curry introduced Assembly Bill 958 Thursday, which seeks to establish a California Organic-to-School Pilot Program within the Office of Farm to Fork.

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3. Prairie Organic Spirits Announces “Spirit Of Change Fund” to Increase Industry’s Environmental Impact

Vitalis September 2023

Prairie Organic Spirits, the nation’s leading organic spirits brand, is toasting to the environment with a new, industry-leading initiative. Through its “Spirit of Change Fund,” Prairie Organic will commit 1 percent of sales to support the next generation of organic farmers and to help transition more conventional farmland to organic.

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4. Arizona Grower Raises $3 Million Through Fair Trade Program

Wholesum™ has reflected on the deep impact that the Fair Trade Program has had on its farms and employees. In what the company describes as a monumental achievement, the community development funds generated by the sales of Wholesum’s Fair Trade Certified produce has surpassed the $3 million mark in just five years, with over $1 million being raised in 2018.

Braga Fresh September 2023

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5. Organic Kanzi® Enjoying Strong Sales Growth In US

CMI Orchards said Kanzi® apple sales continue to climb, which the company hopes will translate into a successful future in the U.S. market. Both conventional and organic options are now available.

Chelan Fresh September 2023

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Lakeside Organic September 2023
OGS 2023 Reg Open

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