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Organics deemed 'best prospect' for U.S. exporters in major EU market

By Sustainable Food News

Organics is one of six food products representing the "best prospects" for U.S. business, according to the Office of Agricultural Affairs of the American Embassy in Paris.

The satellite USDA branch has released a new report revealing that just 29 percent of organic products consumed in France are imported and mainly consist of exotic produce, fruits and vegetables, soy, and a variety of groceryproducts, as well as fruit juices and seafood.

Stemilt January 2021

France has 67 million consumers and is the European Union's third-largest economy after Germany and the United Kingdom.

The United States and the EU signed an equivalency arrangement in 2012, allowing organic products certified in either country to be sold as organic in either market.

Since 2013, the organic market in France reached about $7.9 billion in 2016, when 82 percent of sales were made via the retail organic and specialty stores, 13 percent directly from producers to consumers and 5 percent by artisan traders.

In 2016, there were about 18 buyers of organic products in France who imported from the United States. The main imported products were dried and exotic fruits, essential oils, and aromatic plants.

Chelan Fresh January 2021

The demand for baby food, pre-packaged pastries and cheese, breakfast cereals, ready to eat meals, and canned sauces has also risen in recent years.

The report said the other five "best prospects" include: seafood; beverages including mineral water, beer, wine and spirits; fresh and dried fruits including nuts; fresh and dried vegetables; and meat and offals.

Shenandoah Growers Jan2021

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