OPN Connect Newsletter 285 · September 8, 2022

So Good So You Adds to Probiotic Shot Line

So Good So You provides organic and non-GMO plant-based probiotic shots designed to support the health of people and the planet. 

Rita Katona, Founder and Chief Brand & Innovation Officer, So Good So You

NatureSafe November 2023

“The organic industry can sometimes get a bad rap for being inaccessible and exclusive, but So Good So You is built to ensure health, wellness, and organic for all,” said Rita Katona, founder and chief brand & innovation officer of the Minneapolis-based company. “Each one of our probiotic shots provide a unique, functional dose of goodness for your body in a deliciously convenient 1.7 ounces. Each shot provides 1 billion CFUs of probiotics delivered in deliciously blended fruit and vegetable juices to support your digestion and immune system.”

Some of the company’s newest innovations are built for the evolving needs of the community.

“Each one of our probiotic shots provide a unique, functional dose of goodness for your body in a deliciously convenient 1.7 ounces.” - Rita Katona

Vitalis November 2023

For example, So Good So You developed a category-first formulation that “bottles happiness” in a 1.7-ounce shot. The blood orange-guava-flavored “Happy” is a simple way to incorporate powerful mood-boosting and all-organic ingredients into one’s everyday wellness routine.

“Targeted, functional ingredients like ashwagandha and saffron help to regulate mood and mental clarity and boost serotonin levels,” Katona said. “Happy is also packed with 100 percent of the recommended daily value of vitamin D3 and one billion CFUs of probiotics clinically proven to support digestive and immune health.”

A new edition to the company’s Energy shot line is Energy Passionfruit, which offers a cup of coffee’s worth of caffeine without any of the jitters, thanks to 95 mg of organic coffeeberry.

T&G Global November 2023

“Packed with all-natural and organic ingredients like tropical passionfruit, dragonfruit, and over one billion probiotic CFUs, this shooter will provide the energy needed to power through a long day or rev you up for a night out,” Katona said.

So Good So You was founded in 2014 by Katona and her husband, Eric Hall, because they believed they could do more good for people and planet as a company than as individuals. Katona left her job at Target HQ, while Hall was a fitness & wellness entrepreneur.