OPN Connect Newsletter 283 · August 25, 2022

Organic Market Update


Week 34, 2022


Washington Stone Fruit

Good supplies of Organic Peaches and Nectarines out of Washington state are expected to continue deep into September, especially on the yellow-flesh varieties. Organic Cherries and Apricots have finished for the season, and California growers are winding down their Organic Stone Fruit season. Organic Yellow Peaches and Organic Plums from California will continue into mid-September. There will be some ebbing and flowing of what is available on black and red plums, as both may not always be available at the same time.


Vitalis December 2023

Organic Romaine, Romaine Hearts, and Iceberg Lettuce from California are experiencing low yields in mid-August with anticipation of the trend continuing into September. Quality issues due to aphid pressure or “INSV” disease are leading suppliers to harvest about half of what is expected during this period. Organic Green and Red Leaf Lettuces have not faced the same difficulties. However with light Organic Romaine Lettuce supplies through mid-September, demand for these items is expected to go up as will prices. Supplies from Quebec remain in strong supply during August but will face increase demand with shortages from the West Coast.


Organic Orange and Yellow Seedless Watermelons are available in late August from PA. Volume is limited and the season will be very short, while quality has looked excellent. Organic Mini Seedless Watermelons are available with good volume from CA, PA, and OH. Quality has been excellent. Organic Cantaloupes and Honeydew are in great supply with excellent quality, and lower prices.


There are abundant supplies of Organic Honeycrisp Apples from New Zealand, plus storage crop Washington are now available. New crop Washington will be available by early September. Organic Gala Apple imports will sell out by early September, with Washington growers now packing fresh new crop. Organic Granny Smith Apples from Washington storage crop will end in August. Imports are expected to bridge the gap until new crop Washington starts in October. Organic Fuji Apples production in Washington has finished and there are enough imports to last through a portion of September but may gap before new crop Washington starts in October. Organic Pink Lady Apples from Washington storage crop will end in early September, with imports bridging the gap until new crop Washington begins in November. Organic varieties like Organic Ginger Gold, SweeTango, Golden Delicious, Opal, Ambrosia, Rocket, and Sugarbee will begin in September and October.


Chelan Fresh December 2023



Organic Grapefruit is expected to be limited for the rest of August, until California supplies pick up in September. Organic Lemon supplies out of both Mexico and California will begin to ramp up in September with improved sizing and quality. Organic Lime prices remain high due to drought and labor markets. A small supply of Peruvian Organic Minneola and Murcott Mandarins are now available for a couple of weeks. California Organic Valencia Oranges are in better supply than initial reports, and with easing prices. New crop Organic Navel Oranges are expected in late October or early November.


Organic Broccoli from California has seen supply volumes drastically decrease as conditions are expected to remain unfavorable in September. Quality issues are the main cause of decreasing volume as suppliers are choosing to not harvest specific blocks to prevent subpar quality from reaching the consumer, resulting in only 20- 40% of their expected harvest. Expect swift price increases and shortages in supply. Organic Broccoli Crown volumes are also in limited supply as they are not sizing up to spec and facing quality issues.


New crop California Organic Asian, Bartlett, and Bosc Pears are in steady supply, with Organic Bartlett Pears from Washington available the first week of September.


Organic Cauliflower from California remains in steady supply, but that could change quickly approaching Labor Day. Quality issues and dropping yields are the contributing factors. Expect increased pricing and limited supplies as September approaches.


Organic Hass Avocados remain promotable with good supplies from Mexico. Pricing should be steady for promos during the last week of August while some Peruvian fruit will be around to keep the Mexican price affordable. Fair Trade Equal Exchange Organic Hass Avocados from Mexico are in steady supply and Organic Green Skin Avocados from Florida are looking great. Organic Dragon Fruit with white flesh is available, but red/magenta flesh is limited. Organic Royal Star Papayas are promotable and Organic Pineapple volumes will continue to be low.

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